Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday at home

making dens out of drying branches for animal friends

strawberry-lemonade popsicles
lemonade popsicles
strawberry shortcake popsicles

zipline creation

tending to the mirabelles

gathering calendula and drying calendula
(making salve, of course)

this is how Madie spends much of her days...
engineering things of which I have no notion at all of their purpose.

lunch - en plein air

kitchen and market play

Annabelle goes for a walk

tidy up

scrub the patio...fallen fruit...

for game play!
(Trev likes the Letter Game, too...)

tramp play

pretend play
-Phineas and Ferb flavor-


apples to apples jr.

hunting butterflies
(offering flowers upon a rake as a lure)...

and then chasing them.
with a net, this time.

"Trevy... I'll betcha a dollar I can knock you over with a feather."
had him (and then her) stand on the verrra edge of the jumping board into the pool....
he won that one.
her too.
then we tried it with water balloons. :) three tries.
and then squirt guns!

then a pirate booty dive. for silver coins.

praying mantis

totally tut.

popsicles are done!

supper's on! :)

who knows what else?
it's early, yet...


  1. My daughter, too, spends 80% of her time rigging up crazy inventions. It's like living with a mad scientist. I love it. :)

  2. Andria- I love it, too. It's so awesome to see! :)

  3. Ah, totally summer from end to end. Love that! :)(

  4. What an awesome picture of the dragon fly. I really enjoy seeing how your days unfold.

  5. I saw this. I thought of you. Trevor might like it- it's doodling, but it's math..doodling... sort of.

    It's FASCINATING to me, I thought I'd like to share!

  6. Kyoki - I've seen that! :) It cool.


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