Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Took care of babies this morning.
(Maddie took care of hers, I took care of mine.)

"Mom... wanna come see all my Pokemons?"
"'Course I do."

Tidyin' up.

Checked on our crystals...

"Hey, Mom." This from Trevelyn, too. "I was thinking that we could do our own Mythbusters. Whaddayou think about that?"
"Excellent idea."
We don't have a whole lot of ideas, yet, but we have a few... and that seems like a good place to start. (I've also requested two Mythbuster books at our library....)
Trev wants to know if shaking a can of soda and then opening it will really make it explode...
I mentioned a remote control is reported to have more bacteria on it than the back of a toilet, he thought that was interesting....
I said that since we we'd be "growing things", I wanted to know if the disinfectant that I make is really effectively antibacterial,
and since we know that vultures instinctively walk around with their wings spread after they eat so that the sun will kill the bacteria on their wings, I want to know exactly how effective a disinfectant sunshine actually is. (Which shall mean more petrie dish experiments.) We'll see what other ideas we come up with.

While we were talking about science and air pressure and Mythbuster ideas, I found (while perusing) in a library book a quickie demonstration about pressure... put the balloon in the jar, and blow.... (how far does it get? Not too far...) then place a drinking straw in the jar, and see how much better it works. "Why?" asked his Mama. "Because the air can escape, now." "Exactly. Just like the solar bag, right? Air molecules take up space, too."
There's another really fun version of this, with water. :)

"Wanna see if you still remember about telling time?" 'Cause the clock was sittin' right there.
He did. And he does.
Good. That's that, then.

I realize it's not a big deal or surprise to you that a ten-year-old would know how to tell time, but when you figure that he wasn't drilled on it for a year when he was seven or eight, and he learned it in three minutes a couple of weeks ago, it's significant. One more example that things will be learned naturally. And easily.

Cuisenaire rod explorations. With both babes.

Addition and building for one, division for the other.
I should mention that this wasn't a quizzing thing, but more of a "get something out that we haven't played with in a while" thing.
"D'you know about division, Bud? What that means?" (Remainders, fractions, decimals, infinity...)

Maddie found a pear!


Pricess and the Dragon. Guess who got to be the Princess?

Swordplay - dragons and brothers.

An' rasslin'.

Sand play!

Watchin' ScoobyDoo, via "Hey. I just thought a' somethin'. There's this one ScoobyDoo episode that has a dragon. An' I could watch that ScoobyDoo to see how that dragon acts. That one's a pretty fierce dragon!"

Pokemon for one (on the pc),
Playmobil for the other.

"Mom." Maddie, this was. "I'm building a bridge. Wanna come see how I'm building it?"
"Where are you building it?"
"Right over there, on the patio. I'm building it out of string, bobby pins, and popsicle sticks!"
Sounds about right.

Maddie's really into building bridges. She makes at least two or three a week. Yesterday she made one in the sand at the castle, on the beach.
"Hey, Madd. Know what I was thinking? That those gluedots (thanks Elmer's!) would be awesome for gluing popsicle sticks together for a bridge."
"Hey.... great idea, Mom!!"
(Wanna enter to win your own Elmer's Kids Craft Camp package? Go here to do so!)

More bridge building.

An' Pokemon, still.

Swim. With Dad.
Surprise!! :)

Well. That'll do, then.


  1. Nice full day at our house yesterday. I love days like that, where everyone moves from one thing to the next so easily. Learning naturally. I just love it all :)

  2. we haven't grown any crystals in a while...must do that again soon...

    Have a lovely day!


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