Tuesday, August 09, 2011


she made tunafish sandwiches for lunch
(by herself, of course)

Nim. again.
love Nim. love that I get to be dazzled by Trev.

and Stixx. again.


walk with Annie-bell again.


Align Centreheh.


"Wanna go for a bike ride?"
"Yeah!! To the skate park!!"
"To the skate park!?! But.... Maddie just learned to ride! That's kind of a long way for her to ride... and there and back!"
"I can do it, Mom! Let's go to the skate park!"
"Uumm.... Okay. You guys can ride.... I'll drive the truck. That way if something happens, Madd can have a ride home."

which worked verra well...
took Scoot, too,
and had lots of play.

and Trev's brake fell off, getting dark, Madd was tired...
so good thing we had the truck. :)

life's good.


  1. I love Maddie's painted self! So wonderful!

    When my boy was little, he'd go outside every single morning and paint at his little easel. And every single morning we'd be painted too. I remember being a tiger, getting my face striped up, day after day. This post brought me right back to that golden memory. Thank you, so much, Stephanie. :)

  2. Ha! Love the paint on the arms and face. My girls do the same thing, and with markers too.

    Soundsand looks like a lovely day.

  3. Every day is a Painting Day... :)


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