Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Yesterday after the Tidying Up part of the day, I felt sort of slumpish.
"Whadya wanna do?" I asked the babes. "I need something..."

The thing about Me is, (for better or worse, depending on who's doing the judging, I guess) is that I get just as excited about rainbow snowcones as I do about volcano documentaries.
As long as it's sparkly, it will hold magic for me.
And as long as our days contain some flavor of magic, I feel like we're doing well.

This day the sparklies looked like Strawberry Shortcake, Tea, and Think.


Totally Tut

balance scale

I got out The Pyramid Game (the name Totally Tut bugs Trev to no end, so we use a code name), and we played it after Mancala.
"How 'bout the first to fifty?" I asked. LinkIn the games of our past, if Trev gets stuck, I always ask him if he needs help, or I will give hints. "Try something with that 27," I'll say. Or something like it.
Not anymore.
This time, he filled up that bottom row (with four numbers) without any help from me at all.
I realize that they seem like simple equations, and they are, but still... when you have a sum at the top, and then six numbers to choose from to come up with equations, it takes some thinking!
He won both games.
Works for me.

It was interesting to me that we hadn't played this game in a while, or played any other math-problem type games, yet all of a sudden, he could come up with ideas and guesses and solve these problems on his own. And quickly!
Very cool for a Mama. :)

An' dinner and ScoobyDoo an' Jump! and Swim (the babes are ready for the deep end, I'm pretty sure...), and I don't know what else.

But I'm pretty sure that it's all good.


  1. Super cool indeed! I wish I were a game player. You make it sound like so much fun...maybe I'll try harder :-)

  2. Missing summer! Your days look amazing :-)


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