Sunday, August 14, 2011


When I looked up information about our solar bag yesterday, it said that the air outside needed to be somewhat cool, so that the air in the bag would heat to a significantly higher temperature.
Mentioning that that would be difficult to do when it was high noon... so we put off the experiment.
This morning I showed the children the video, and since they were very excited about it, we grabbed a few things and headed Early-As-Possible-For-Us to the park. (11 am.)

Dude. It was the coolest thing.
Prob'ly one of my all-time favorite investigations.
It works via solar energy heating up the air molecules inside the bag, then the molecules bounce faster and faster, and away from eachother... thus the bag starts lifting off the ground.
Ours started lifting as soon as we filled it up.
It got quite a bit of attention, as well. (I don't know what those that lived near the park thought...) :)

Before too long we were about as heated as our bag, so home, to the pool!

Pokemon mastering.

"Mom... will you write "Grandma" on the back of this? See? Hot... cold.... perfect.... and surprised!"

"Oh, Maddie... it's wonderful... I love it! So much."

(That dripping "hot" picture is what we looked and felt like after chasing our solar bag and its string up and down hills at the park.... :) oof)

Growing crystals.
Pink!... of course... and aquamarine. We'll see what comes of That, in a few days.

Trampoline play.


Pizza and a movie??? Aaaah!--a plan!

Times three.

Times four? Five??

Times two.

Finish cleaning the cricket house....


...and family swim. All four of us.

Just about time to head inside for Movie (documentary) time, I think.

Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I want to know more about the solar bag it looks fascinating and right in our interests.

  2. That solar bag had to be the coolest thing ever! How awesome that you found a wide open place to try it out in! :)

  3. Stacey -
    It's fifty feet long (15 meters) and is made from a material similar to plastic grocery bags, only much thinner.
    We were able to fill it by sort of waving it (like you would a regular garbage bag to line your kitchen garbage can), and then Madd and I ran a few steps to fill it the rest of the way.
    It's very fragile, though we didn't have a problem harming it until after a few accidents. :)
    It's the coolest f'n thing. I'm gonna try to patch our tear with tape (as suggested), and no doubt I'll be buying another one of these. Love, love, love it. Awesome.

  4. Very cool indeed! My daughter is reading your post over my shoulder going "can we do that?" "can we make those?". Very cool!

  5. That balloon is HUGE! My guys would love something like that. :)

  6. Ah, a string! That first photo that I saw of the solar bag high above the rooftops, I thought, "Goodbye, solar bag!" We've got the Steve Spangler Air-Mazing Mysteries kit on a shelf waiting for the right inspiration (I'm guessing after the mosaics and magnets quests of the moment). I wonder if it contains a solar bag...

  7. Julie - Yup, it does! That's what we have, too. :)

  8. Awesome! It's so huge - love that second photo :-) I've got to get one of those.


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