Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just a Wednesday. But Shining! And linking.
May as well continue the "Ain't life grand?" connections, don't you think?
Let's do link-ups all week. Because we can. An' because no day will look the same. :)

Magic School Bus.

"I want to draw."
"Okay... I was gonna go outside and start creating a paper doll in a minute, after I finished up here."
"Oooh, yeah! And we'll make my doll clothes!"
"Okay! Ooh, I'll create with Citiblocs, instead!"

Make Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars. With more oats, less rice cereal.

"I wanna draw!"
So she drew, colored, and cut out pictures to hang in our car (suv). "I'm hangin' these in the truck. So we have something to look at when we go on loooooong trips."
Nice! :)

Three cannonball. Simultaneously.

Paper dolls.

"Whatcha doin'?
"I'm mixing chemicals."
"Like what?"
"Dipping this in your tea, and then putting it in this water."
"Oh, I see." Hmmm. :/ Uh... "Do you wanna play with chemicals? Want me to get out the chemistry stuff, and you can play with baking soda, and salt, and vinegar... all that stuff?"
"Yeah! Wait! I wanna make volcanoes! With the dinosaurs!"

So it is.
' Course, her brother had to get in on that action, too.

Naturally, after the volcanoes came the floods.
(It's tough to be still around for a mass extinction.)

Sarcophagus. Dude.

Watch the Mud Daubers. Nesting.

Build a Theatre.
I'm not sure what the production is, yet.

Jump, jump, jump!

Oh! It's a ballet!!
And Mozart!
Lucky me!

Yep! Rain.
A hundred degrees, or verra, verra close, anyway... hot.... dry....and it still rains. In the desert. Imagine that.

Two. In the Doghouse. Or something.

But let's jump again.

An' let's turn up that U2 song, too.
"Like Hot needs the sun...
Like honey on a tongue..."

Cranky, anyone?

Or Jump!.

Then, Swim!

And now, let's talk supper...

"Mom... could you get this (homemade) popsicle out of here?"
"Just a sec... have to finish washing my hands."
"You're washing your hands twice?!"
"Yeah... I need to wash them twice after handling that chicken..."
"To wash twice... or once!... That is the question..." she says.
And then she continues with, "To take honey.... or to Not take honey.... That is the question....", Then, "I saw that on Magic School Bus, this morning."
Well, now, thought I, that brings us to a full circle, doesn't it? :)

Seriously. How may Really Great Things is that, today? I wonder.

[waves hand.]
I gotta go make popcorn, and load up pillows for the drive-in.
SpyKids, and Smurfs.

It's a fine, fine. life.


  1. such fantastic energy! love it all :) think we may give those fab paper dolls a whirl too ~

  2. It IS a fine, fine life you got there. I'll link up with a glimpse of part of our fine day, a different flavor. There was more than hiking. There was also pickle making, chicken chasing, grilling out, and Wii-playing - Kirby's Epic Yarn - with Mama steppin' in on the hard parts.

  3. Also, I love the paper dolls :)

  4. So much life going on, my friend! :)


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