Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday's Science

First thing in the morning we were off to the Mad Science show at the library...
very cool! (Though my camera batteries died after my first shot. That wasn't so cool.)

' Course, that put us in mind of science.

"Guys. I was thinking while I was watching the rockets that we should get out our solar bag. What do you think? I'll look it up when we get home, and see what we need to do..."
"Yeah! I can make a playhouse for my pets with them!"
"Oh!... You're thinking of the windbags, right? The colored ones, that we tie with rubberbands? That we blow up by creating a wind tunnel? We can get those out, too... haven't played with those in a long time. Good idea!"

So we get home, and I started wandering around downstairs... looking for fabulousness.
"Hey, Madd... wanna grow some crystals? Haven't done that in a while."
"Yeah... Mom... I've been thinking for a while now that I want to play with that stuff... You know... the sand stuff?
"Space sand. Yup. Right here."

Icecream truck!!
Today they came back with icecreams.... "I have to get my money!" hollered Maddie.
"Wait... she already gave you an icecream?" I asked.
"Yeah.... now I gotta go pay!"
:) Has to be the only icecream truck around that will do that!
"I know where you live," says She, when I went out to say hello, and mentioned the thought to her. Fine with me.



Paint with water.

Write. :)

Mario Kart.
'Cause he said that's what he wanted to play. With me.



Crack the egg. (Tramp time.)


Intro to Centripetal Force. Via the spinning penny, and a yellow balloon, at our house.
Which naturally brought up a discussion of centrifugal force (via the washing machine) and inertia, energy, and a revisit with Newton's First. (And possibly a bit of Third, too.)

Finally at around bedtime we found that Mythbusters was on.
Which gave us more opportunities to discuss our personal theories of physics.

Life is good.
And interesing.
And fine.


  1. What a fun time you all have had!

  2. I love those kind of days. So what's a solar bag then?

  3. We just played with windbags last week! They were great fun. Please post the details of your solar bag because we have one too, but haven't tried it out yet (mornings here have been too hot).

  4. I'm sorry. "Dave" was Andria (from Nora & Soren), accidentally posting under my husband's screen name. Didn't mean to weird you out there. ("Who is this creepy Dave, and why does he care about our solar bags?!") (My husband is not actually creepy.) ;)

  5. Hi Andria!
    I wasn't creeped out, really but I was like, "hmmm, wonder who that is??" :)


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