Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sand Star

I asked Maddie if she'd like to make a sand-and-shell something, at the beach with me.
"It could be a heart... a fish... I think I'll make a star! Want to?"
She said yes.

At the beach, we looked for interesting things... beach glass, shells, pebbles...

Our beach is on a lake, so we are limited in our treasures, but we looked for what we could.

Maddie was disappointed that she couldn't find enough shells. I offered her the ones I had found, which she didn't want to take from me, so I offered to share my creation with her... we could both make it.
That was alright with her.

We dug a hole in the sand,

and put in the shells.

We put one part of plaster of paris in a soft plastic bucket (that I use for plaster), and then 1/2 a part of beach water in with the plaster.

Stirred it up,

and then poured it into our shape in the sand.

After we let it set for a little while,

we dug it up.

There! A treasure to take home.


  1. I do believe your creativity is endless! I would love to find sweet shells like those on our beaches. Mostly there are just mussel & clam shells...nothing quite so elegant as your lake treasures.

  2. Very cool! You can have some of our lake Erie shells. It's like walking on broken glass at the edge of the water. I bet they would make some pretty neat castings, though! :o)

  3. what a cool idea, my son wants to give his uncle 'footprints' for his birthday and this is the answer I've been looking for. fab I love it :-)

  4. We have a beach trip planned in a few weeks. I am so doing this! I can't wait to give you credit!


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