Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plain Ol' Tuesday

There was a parade, to celebrate that she got her movie. Barbie's Three Musketeers, from the library. Waited a few days to get it.
After the parade, all her friends got their tickets.
Now it's movie time!

And again an' again an' again.

Speculated about fire and ice, and who changes what.

Frog love. Big, big frog love.

'Puter play.
Barbie for one, Pokemon for the other.
Boss'in up, today.

Took Annabelle for a walk.

Ds play.

Designing doll clothes.

Beading. (Necklaces for friends.)

Censorship lectures.
The 'Lecturer' being Trev, of course. In this family, it's him.
While he was hula hooping. :)
I do love him so.

Jump. On the tramp.


Pokemon Mastery.
This time, as in; "I won the game!!!" Something about "already beat The Elite 4", and then "...unknown dungeon, Mewtwo, capture, use Masterball to capture and have it as your own". He's in the Unknown Dungeon, now.
I'm supposing he'll be alright in there. (Really, it's not that I'm not interested, but rather that it's waaay over my head, and I just can't keep up!)


Inquiries about real-life Museketeers.
"I'll check into that," said her Mama. Gotta find a kid-friendly book on the french Musketeers.

Alright. He's captured Mewtwo, and now he's done. Done, done. An' he's hula-hoopin', again.

Cars. In the Citibloc city. With songs of happiness and doom and smack-downs and flights and crashes.


Hang out with Dad. (Who had gotten back from fishing.)

That'll do.

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