Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here's one that I love!

Came up with this yesterday.... it 's soooo hot out there, and I still had melted crayons on my mind (and table)...

For canvases, we used the foam boards that came in our Elmer's Kids Craft Camp box. (Paper would work just as well, I just wanted something more substantial.)

Into the sun!

We placed ours on a paper-lined cookie sheet, again.

Be careful when moving it, the melted crayons will run and spread.



I love them so.


  1. Very very cool. I love the colors in Maddie's. It looks like she threw them really hard at a wall and they went splat. Like a super hero(ine) would :)

  2. That is so super cool! I actually had the thought to try doing shapes and such as well. These came out so awesome. Great job!

  3. sadly I think our British summer has been and gone. Perhaps we could try this by putting them in the oven on a very low heat...

  4. Cool idea! I've been loving that project going around on Pinterest with the heatgun/canvas/crayons. This is much much easier. Sure will be hot enough here this week to melt crayons!

  5. your crayon art reminded me of this:

    love your blog!

  6. You could put these in a box frame - they would look fantastic!

  7. Sitting with a sweater, jacket, ugg boots on, and there you are with your gorgeous colours melting in the sun! I love this planet and all the energy buzzing from us to us. I love how your beautiful photos keep me warm. Thank you, Stephanie. :)

  8. I'd have to do this in the oven (we're in Montana) but what a cool craft!

  9. That's on my "to do" list when summer hits here :-) Thanks for sharing!


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