Wednesday, August 03, 2011

life on monday

One of the reasons that I'm so fond of summer is that there's just so much... well.... magic.

Things that are impossibly cool and twinkly... spending the evening on the beach under a gorgeous late-afternoon sun (a photographer-at-heart's dream, surely)... live outdoor music... roadtrips to the edges of our state, seeing fantastical places like lehman's cave and digging out our own trilobites... last year we visited an actual dinosaur dig site in our state... got to hold the juvenile Allosaurus tooth as it came out of the ground.... magic, everywhere.

This is the sort of living that feels so alive and wondrous and encourages me to live and learn as unschoolers. Not just the big stuff, but the less showy stuff, too... like Trev learning to tell time in five minutes a few weeks back (because it came up). And living so close to the earth, and being so intimately involved with its rhythms.

Monday we spent much of our day at home, witnessing the rain.

Washin' dishes,

an' makin' decorations for Tea.

We thought we'd be spending the evening there as well, but we started wondering as the rain let up, and finally decided that we'd just Go, already.
So off to the park we went.
We were anticipating snowcones and music.... the icecream truck and rowing around the pond.
Much of our beloved park was under maintenance, so none of the fancy stuff was available to us.
But, you know. We managed alright.

at the Aviary

'Tis the season of my smile, to be sure.


  1. So fantastic! We hope to get over to the edge of our state for a little fossil digging magic yet this summer, too. :0)

  2. There is so much to do there! How fantastical to live in a big city, AND the mountains, AND near amazing natural wonders. Very cool!


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