Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life. On Monday Tuesday.

School has started, hmmm?

What did your day "Not" look like?

Designing doll clothes.

Link up if you'd like to share what the good life on a plain ol' Tuesday looks like at your house.


  1. Perfect timing! We don't normally have crazy busy days, but today turned out to be one of them. And it was a GREAT day!

    I love our life :)

  2. Heh, our Tuesday looked frighteningly like school, except it was 90 homeschoolers. This year Alder wanted to try a once a week enrichment program, we'll see I have my reservation but all his best friends are going. Can you tell I'm conflicted, by even saying anything?

  3. Hey--we're new to all this and my link is from today, but I figured that'd be okay enough. The post was just a moment in our day, but was pretty much preceded and followed by a similar flow of ideas. Following our muse.


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