Tuesday, August 09, 2011

just a monday

yesterday looked like tracing on the trampoline with chalk.
always a favorite.

also looked like taking Annabelle for a walk.

and there was Nim. you know--'cause I had just been talkin' about it.

Trevy and I also played Rumis.

an' swam.
for like the fourth time.

and while we were swimming, the icecream lady made her presence known...
so we raced for her truck

and got back in the pool again.

played stixx.

decided we'd go on a family bike ride...
then remembered that the the frogs needed groceries, so we dashed to the pet store before it closed, instead, and picked up some crickets.

and went a few times around the nature trail right there, at Hidden Hollow.

we like our life pretty well-ly.


  1. Totally loving your summer! My girl would LOVE all your board games...she might have to come visit!

  2. Didn't Trev get a Venus fly trap? I don't know why, but the frogs needin' groceries reminded me...

    How is it doing?

  3. Hi, Jess.
    I kilt 'em this spring... took them outside for some rainwater, and maybe it was too cold... they struggled for a while, and then couldnt' recover. :(

    We'll try again, I imagine.


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