Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Saturday

Maddie wanted a walk.
With a lunch pack.
And a baby in tow.

So I handed them a grocery list, and said "How 'bout to here?" :)

Gotta have some stuff for for fried chicken.
An' oats for granola bars.
And I'll start chocolate chip cookies while you're gone.

"Mom... can we read?"
(We had just been talking about rewards and PizzaHut... and how I signed them up for it, "Since you're reading anyway, I thought you'd like to get free pizza." :) )
"Do you want to read? The little books?" (These are Brand New Readers.)
She did.

I've mentioned before how much I love, love, love these books, but here it is, again.
Today we read:
Eddie and Little Skunk (From the Eddie the Raccoon set)
Eddie Digs a Hole (From the Eddie the Raccoon set)
Worm Is Stuck (From the Well Done Worm! set)
Fish Makes Faces (From the Fish and Frog series)
and Eddie In a Jam. (Also from the Eddie the Raccoon set))

We also have and love Mouse Goes Out and Piggy and Dad Play.
You gotta love a book that makes a child soooo happy because he or she can read it (no matter that they don't know all the letters and sounds, yet)! (And the stories are funny and quirky. :) )

Baby play.

Swim play.
With Dad, of course.

Aaaaand it's time to get ready to go.
Up into the mountains for March Fourth Marching Band.

got to ride the ski lift!

Which was something like a Village People, piratical, artsy hipster marching band.
So, so cool.

Are you kidding me? Silver lame' pants next to skin-tight red leopard-print leggings? On men? [Swoon!] It's a photographer's dream!
And an unschoolin' Mama's as well, truth be known.

Hoops and stilts and dancin' and picnickin' and runnin' up and down the mountain.



  1. All I can think of looking at those pictures at the end are all the hippie events my parents took me to as a kid and how they keep telling us that we have nothing like they did in the 60s and 70s. Ha I think our funky sub-cultures are much more varied and sustainable. But then this whole unschooling world is it own subculture so I may be biased.

  2. So very, very much fun! My son is into rock n' roll music these days...mostly just making up his own obnoxiously loud, air band variety. He would have been in heaven there (and, dare I say, I would have enjoyed it just as much!)

  3. OOooh! Funkaliscious looking band. How fun!

  4. Oh, you got to see March Fourth! I LOVE them! We have a world music festival here every fall, and one year they came. It was just me and Will, three years old, sound asleep in her stroller on a Friday night as I went to the Tuvan throat singing, and the African drumming, and the Celtic instrumentals, etc. As I was walking to the car about 10pm Will woke up and was all, "What's that over there?". So we walked over to the tent in which March Fourth was playing, and we were near the back so I put Will up on my shoulders, but throughout the whole concert the stilt-walkers would roam, and every time they passed us by they'd high-five Willow--one of my happiest memories ever.

  5. Oh. My. God. I had no idea Utah was so friggin' cool. No idea. One minute you're finding an allosaurus tooth and the next, you're ridin' the funky train.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


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