Sunday, August 07, 2011


So pretty much upon getting out of bed Friday morning, the training wheels came off, and we were headed to the parking lot.
About six seconds after our arrival, Maddie was riding her bike as if she'd been doing it for years.


Came back home after just a couple of minutes (Madeleine wanted to come back home... it was almost like "'Kay. That's that, then. We can go home, now.",

to invitations -and more plans- for Sparkles' birthday and Dog Show party.

Outside on the patio. "Hey, Madd? Wanna go for a bikeride with me?"
So we invited Dad and Trevy, and off we went.

To the church. For races and games

and bunny-hops and wheelies.

Had to come home to for a pit stop for ice in our water...
and off on a neighborhood bike ride.
Yep. Like we've been doin' it that way all along.

"Hey!! I hear the icecream truck! And it's in our neighborhood (not the-next-one-over, like it usually is)... go find it!"
We got it, we got it!!
Right in front of our house. And a nice lady is driving... and she's smiling. Perfect.

LinkRainbow snowcone, anyone?

Made me smile that she chose that--one with the gumball in the bottom, of course.

And you know--there was other fine stuff, too.

It's summertime.
An' life is good.


  1. Love this post. The picture of Maddie with that rainbow snowcone is just the best! And the picture of her hula-hooping...perfect form, it is so much better when the hoop can hug right up against your skin. :)

  2. Odd random questions; do you have mosquito problems? We have been spending more time outside this year but Emma reacts pretty badly to mosquito bites, so we end up coming in after 3 bites which usually takes about 10 minutes. We don't like the chemical bug sprays. Do you have a natural alternative? What do you do to keep the bugs away?

  3. I do, Tina... let me get back to you in a little bit on that one!

  4. How exciting for Maddie to ride her bike with no training wheels! That's always such a big thrill when it happens, so happy for her:)

    Love her drawings!

  5. woo hoo! yay for her! she has a teeny tiny bike - that helps with the riding without training wheels, i have found. awesome!


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