Saturday, August 20, 2011

friday : together

Today begins seven days of Together for us.
This next week of vacation will be low-key, and at home... but we're totally cool with that.
We like each other's company, and we like Home well enough that we'll be alright. :)

Maddie started her day first thing with a jump on the tramp with Dad... and soon enough she was launching cannonballs into the pool. In her pj's.
See what I mean? We'll be just fine.

An' we played with bubbles.
Again and again and again.

While Dad was treating us by making breakfast, Madd and I were putting the world together...

and then both of us were practicing our drawing skills in our art books.

Hmmm... time to load up the beachbag!

To the pool. For divingboards, and showing off skills to Dad.

(And I toted along our Family Math book for some more game ideas. Found some good ones!)

After several hours of sun and water and play, we rolled our tired selves back home.

A little recuperation time

-and supper-

and it was time to head out, again.
To the farm--for a star party!

We got there before it was quite dark, so I suggested we head back into the woods to look for owls and bats... and guess what? Yes! We saw an owl - we think it was a Saw-whet Owl - and several bats were flying during our dark walk! Most excellent.

The Salt Lake Astronomical Society hosts a public star party every so often... they bring telescopes and their knowledge, and they set up and let folks see the skies through their eyes and hearts.
It's very, very cool.
Tonight we got to see a fine view of Saturn... and then the double star in the middle of the Big Dipper's handle; the star is actually two stars (Alcor and Mizar) that orbit around each other.
And then we got a much larger view of Saturn -so awesome to see the real thing, including its rings- and a couple of other stars.

Have I ever mentioned that it's a good life?


  1. Look at Maddie's drawings! So awesome. I'd love to go to a star party :-)

  2. What a fantastic day. Life is definitely good. We have Family Math and love it as well.

  3. It's a good life, indeed!


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