Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fingerpainting with Crayons

We pretty much live outside in the summertime, so sometimes things are outside for a while.
This morning I picked up a new box of crayons, and noticed that they were awfully pretty and bright -and some runny and marbled- from being slight melted. Woops. :)

But, you know. Often you get an idea from things like that.
And so I did.

We've done Encaustic Art before, and have also created things with melted crayons (Summer's Glass)... this time we used paper and sunshine.

I drew a very simple picture,

and then peeled some paper off a few crayons.

Using Maddie's little preschool scissors, I cut little slabs off of the round crayons, and then sort of shaved some off of our "muffin" crayons.

Then I just laid the pieces on the paper.

Of course, right after I got this far, the rainclouds came.... :)

So I turned my oven on to 200 degrees (f), and put some scrap paper under my picture, and put it in my oven on a cookie sheet.
I actually ruined the first one... left it in there for like eight minutes or so, which was way too long.

Did it all over again, and looked at after two minutes.

It was nice and soft, so I took it out.

Then came the fun part...

smooshing the soft, warm wax around with fingers!

If you need to switch colors, you can just rub fingers together... the wax comes off really easily, as it's already cool. (Maybe put a large bowl on the table for children to rub their fingers over, if you do this inside.)

After I did the first round of smooshing, I put my paper (and under papers) back in the over on my cookie sheet for just a minute (it was turned off, now, but still warm), and then fine-tuned my picture.

A success!

And since the wax made the paper less opaque, it looks lovely hung in the window, as well!

Maddie's is next! We'll see if the sun comes back out again today for hers....


  1. I LOVE that! I'm definitely going to try it (and I may not even wait for the little ones to come over before I do!) :)

  2. Excellent! I love it...might even get my guy to touch a crayon in this is sorely lacking in these parts. He's a born perfectionist, so won't consider trying his hand at any sort of visual craft. He makes up for it with his mouth, though. If only he'd put his imaginative stories into images maybe my ears wouldn't get so tired (LOL!).

  3. What a wonderful art project. We did something similar to that years ago. I should do that again with my younger set. Did you ever get to send Flat Stanley? I don't mean to be a bother but we would love to have him back.

  4. That's the coolest! I love reading about your ideas; some days I just can't think of anything to do with my little one and you inspire me.

  5. Now that is so cool!!! Love it!!!

  6. What an interesting idea. I love the notion of hanging them in front of a window so the light can give them extra life.

  7. Stephanie, you are still (and always) amazing! Before your influence, I would probably have thrown away such crayons! :D


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