Thursday, July 28, 2011


let's see...

first thing Maddie was outside in the front flowerbed looking for snails and other Friends.

an' making Poison Berry concoctions.

and we played the Letter Game! we like it.

"Mom... you see this white stuff stuck between these two snails? What is that?"
"They're probably mating... making babies..." went to see.

yep. pretty sure that's what's going on. :)

then it was time for Through the Meadow. and the turtle and crab.Link
(this is the second game we had made up in less than 24 hours... quite pleased with ourselves are we...)

an' there was swingin' on the tree swing,

dreadlock prevention (not me),

and a visit with the dog across the street (animal lovers, my friends).

ScoobyDoo and the Glowing Bugman (pc game),

Phineas and Ferb (yup, I was right 'bout that, Melissia)

"Mom! Will you take my training wheels off?!?"


Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets from Netflix... seen it -or at least little parts of it- 'bout a dozen times, now, in the last few days...),

chasing and screeching

and gettin' tossed into the pool--voluntarily.

yup. that sounds about right.
nothing and everything.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday.

  2. nothing and everything....sounds like a lovely day to me!

  3. The description of your days always brings a smile. We do quite a bit of dreadlock prevention on Layla- just that *one* spot that likes to lock up regularly.

  4. The letter game is inspired. Will be trying that :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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