Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was seriously struck by a case of wanderlust this morning... or at least with a ravenous appetite for Explore.

I remembered that there was a Mad Science program at the library - this one about simple inventions that have greatly contributed to space travel - and I thought it'd been a long time since we saw a outer-realm film at the planetarium... so there you go. A plan.

Downtown we can also beg a free meal at their daddy's restaurant, so we decided upon that, too.

And how about a little letter-boxing? Bowling?

Sounds good....

So off! we went.
Turned out that we had the time wrong for the science program, was early this afternoon, not late morning.
No matter.
We'll just go to the Planetarium first....

for Explore and Ultimate Universe.

and then to lunch.

Alas!, we were too late to be on time for the library program... but it's not too big of a deal as it comes to our neighborhood library in about three weeks.

So... wanna go bowling?
If you sign up at the neighborhood kid's alley, children get a free game all summer. Not a bad deal, certainly.

We had checked in at home before bowling to get details and our stamps for a letter-boxing treasure at the local historic farm... the children knew right where we'd find it from the description... we know the farm pretty well.
But, alas again, things (buildings) had been moved, and the stash just wasn't there.
But never you mind; we aren't discouraged.

A lovely late afternoon at the farm,

and a fine time milking the cow, also.

Soon the babes were ready for Home,

but not before stopping on the way for a icecream sundae.


The good thing about a day of Unusual, as you know, is that ideas seem to us come upon wings... inspiring and sweeping us up.

Thus, a treasure box.
With a hunt, naturally.

An' Maddie's talking about Camp for her and Trevy in the backyard.

lesser goldfinch

Well, then.
Here's to the good stuff.


  1. I've been wanting to letterbox! Such fun. What a gorgeous cow! And isn't it wonderful to see snow on those mountains, still?

  2. Stunning day! I want to have that day! And take such nice photographs!!! Just one question from an Aussie - what is letterboxing?

  3. What a packed day. You are such a fun Mom!
    I love the treasure box and hunt. My girls do those all the time :)

  4. All of those things close enough to do in the same day? Oy. :)

  5. When you plan a fun day, you really plan a fun day! Looks like a great time was had by all :)

  6. What I 'specially love about this day are all the ways Yes arrived, even when changes happened to your plans. 'Oh,' you say, 'we missed it? No matter!' Because here and here and HERE are all the things we can put in this Missed Space. Which no longer is missed, never really was, but is Full and Fine and Good.

    Milking! Stream jumping! Bowling! Togetherness!

    Lovely, Stephanie. :)

  7. How pretty to have mountains in view!


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