Friday, July 29, 2011


Thursday we got to spend the entire day with friends!
How nice.

As early as could be managed, we were heading up the canyon for a hike to Doughnut Falls. So called because the river comes down through a round hole in in a giant slab of rock.

It was a very lovely day--the only way it could have been improved is if a mishap not caused some of our group to need to leave early.
We carried on with our adventure, but they were missed.

On the way up the canyon we noticed a couple of beaver lodges, so when we were fixing to head back down to the valley, we mentioned that we thought we'd go and check out a beaver lodge.

We couldn't get close, as the meadow was a swampland (a very, very fine spot for a beaver community!), but there was still adventure to be had and discoveries to be made.

And lots and lots of butterflies to be admired!

Soon enough we made it back toward home, and it was decided that we'd all supp together, so we stayed the evening with our friends, as well.

Swimming. Jumping. Tea party.

When a few of us -with friends in tow- made it back to our house, we settled in right well, too...

snuggling in for a couple of tired little girls,

and some midnight mad pool play with glowsticks for the boys and I.

Yup. That will do.


  1. ...sigh... Such a perfect day :)

  2. um...a MOOSE?????????? oh man. do you know there are people who have never seen a moose? i was nearly trampled on a young one when i was a kid (well, that's the story from my 7-yr old P.O.V.!!), and have been on the lookout for more of them ever since. i miss hiking with mega-fauna, though it must be a different experience doing so with children! ah - exhilarating?! beautiful day.

  3. What a perfect day. So, so beautiful.

  4. what a very fine adventure and gorgeous photos! yum

  5. Simply the most amazing photographs... Is that beast a moose... wow simply amazing!!!!


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