Friday, July 15, 2011


it's funny how each new season brings on a new way of loving and celebrating life for us.
we have found ourselves in days that seem to go on forever and ever...
never ending.....

and all we can do is soak it up as eagerly and thoroughly as we are able...

singing the same, seemingly endless song.

the song of dusty bare feet,

and faces sticky from dripping watermelons,

and endless hours of running, chasing, bouncing play.

a song of swimming and popsicles,

warm raspberries,
and prized, keep-it-to-myself strawberries.

a song
of every one of our favorite things....
and over
and over again.

oh, yes.
we've met Summer well,
and have gladly accepted Its gifts...

and now it's time
to offer up a few ideas of our own...

we welcome the dog days of summer.


  1. So wonderful! I wish I could send my family to your summer "camp"!! ;-)

  2. Dusty feet are happy feet, yes?


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