Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Through the Meadow

Today it was Maddie's turn to make a game!

Again, we used the bi-fold foam board from our Elmer's Kids Craft Camp box (go here to enter for your own craft supplies!).
Actually, we just used the same board - she wanted to flip it over and use the other side of Letter Game for her game. Fine by me... the more games and uses we get out of the foam boards, the better!

"I want my game to be through the meadow of flowers.... over a sandy beach, and into the sparkly blue sea!"
"Ooooh, sounds lovely..." so off to work we went.

It turned out very well!

And we played four times. :)

Then it occurred to me that since we were traveling to the sea, I should make a sea turtle for my game piece.
"Ooooh, great idea! I think I'll make a crab!"
So out came the polymer clay.

And there you have it.


  1. A beautiful habitats candyland! I love it.

  2. Reminds me of candyland, one of my favorite childhood games. Also loving the crab and turtle.


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