Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday's Artist

Welcome to Saturday's Artist; a weekly joining and celebration of every kind of creativity.
We hope you'll join us in celebrating this wonderful part of ourselves.
Show us where in the past week you've been shining your artistic, magnificent light!

Something this week that fed your spirit.
An outstanding photograph.
A day of mad painting.
A new yarn discovered that has sparked something fabulous for you.

The only requirement is that it is your favorite artistic Create! of the week!

Linking is open until Tuesday morning!

1 comment:

  1. Stephanie, I love your Saturday's artist series because it encourages me to look around, deeper, MORE—cherishing the creative Everything that happens in our home.

    I looked at my girl's desk today, and it was filled with the Artist Her. Which is what she loves, is driven by, and who she is. That desk (and her love for sitting there, creating, hour after hour, day after day) made me write the words I've shared here. And it made me think, I want to link this with Stephanie; I want to share this person who is so clearly already her Own True Self, with people who will completely "get" her.

    I am inspired by people like my girl, by people like you and your children, by the other children here who are given space to Be. They (and you) give ME wings too, wings I didn't have as a child.

    Thank you, Stephanie, for giving me a space to share something that matters so much to me, and for your constant inspiration.

    And now? I'll stop gushing, and get on with exploring everyone else's wonderful creative spaces! :)


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