Monday, July 04, 2011

saturday : quintessential summer

so good....
so, so good.

Maddie, Soleil and I started our morning with first some creating,

then a trip to the neighborhood bakery for various sweet somethings to break our fast.

we were going to watch the parade!

flowers for your hair...

it wasn't much for flash and art, I gotta say... but it was big on tossing candy.

which absolutely warranted jumps for joy and title of "The Greatest Parade Ever!!!". :)

I was just happy to take pictures of these sweet, funny, charm-my-socks-off baby girls.

and fancy choppers and flags.

I 'spect that's really all a Mama Pirate Gril needs.
an' maybe a Jolly Roger flyin' in the backyard and a glass of luxe ale, of course.

back at home,
things ain't too bad, either.

a new pirate plank.

an' first cherries.

and razzle-me-berries.

Dear God. Please help me to keep from dropping my camera in the pool while I take this (beer-in-one-hand-and-camera-in-the-0ther-while-floating-in-the-pool) shot. Yrs truly always, Me.

Yes!! :) I never doubted. (And I suspect That, more than anything, my Friends, is the secret. :) )

after a thoroughly summertime supper,

we packed up water and a blanket in the wagon and headed down the road a ways for some cotton candy and a snowcone.

and a fantastic fireworks display.

well met, summer.


  1. Oh, my! There is so much goodness in this post! Maddie and Soleil are SO cute together! What fun! LOVE the pirate plank. So, so much fun!

  2. I love the shot of the girls jumping at the parade. And the fireworks shot - beautiful.

  3. I agree That is the secret. Such fun times you had. We tried to stay cool - 118 YIKES! and BBQ'd with grandma and grandad.

  4. This is the most awesome post evAH!

    Summer is treating y'all well!

  5. delightful. I love the pool photo, and we just found our first cherries here too. Summertime goodness all around :)

  6. I am so loving this summer...and it's looking mighty fine at your house.

    A pirate plank is JUST what we need here. Isaac is all about pirates all of a sudden. Ah, video games. The learning never stops. :)

    Love and miss you.

  7. I love seeing what everyone is up to this summer. Looks like you all are enjoying yourselves. We couldn't see the fireworks because a storm rolled in at the last minute....but we still had a pretty nice day.

  8. So much girlishness in this post! :)

    And ditto with me - on just about any given day fill in the blank:: "Please help me to keep from dropping my camera in the ____________ while I take this ______________ shot"

  9. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...that is one heckuvah lovely summer day there!!! our dinky parade and fireworks display was a bit tiny by comparison, but pretty fun the beer in the pool...ahhhhhhhhh


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