Monday, July 11, 2011


mmm... life on Mondays.

Little Son mentioned this morning that he'd like to explore some Physics experiments.
what that meant in practical terms was the children making paper boats for the pond and pool. and tests of buoyancy in the pool. and tricks of jumping super-duper high on the tramp, and coming to a dead stop. and cannonballs onto and into.
children do just fine with physics experiments all on their own, don't they?

but still, I did my part by pouring over some books.

in the meantime, much of the house got cleaned. phew.

and the raspberry bush got lightened some of its heavy, luscious load.

soon pool time.
and then draughts. with Madd, this time.
and Math Animals with all three of us.

pool time again!!
:). all three of us had the same idea at the same time. love that.

Trev learned to tell time. in about three minutes. (more on that soon.)

cape play for Little Son. (which is totally unusual for him, but very delightful for me. :) )

life is good.


  1. Freckles!!! So sweet!

    We were doin' some time tellin' for a while and some shoe tyin' but then summer came along and time and shoes no longer had any purpose. :)

  2. Oh, the freckles!!! Love them so :)


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