Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letters Game

When we received our bi-fold foam boards in our Elmer's Kids Craft Camp box (go here to enter for your own craft camp kit!), it took me a couple of days for the idea that it would make a great game board.
So after pondering it for several days, I finally had worked out the game I would make with the one I was claiming for myself... last night I set to it.

My idea was for a letter game - a board game with a track of letters, which you collect as you move along the path, making words as you are able.
Each player has a card of paper on which to set their words, earning one point for each letter of their word.
The paper cards correspond with our colored game pieces - we gathered small round pebbles from the garden, and painted them with the painter's markers - also from our Elmer's kit! :)

I asked Maddie if she thought I should make a winding path, or a spiral; of course she opted for the spiral.

So I just drew with a pencil the middle line of a large spiral, then framed that on both sides for the width of the squares, then sectioned off each square.

Time to color in the squares!

Maddie saw all those colors brigthtening up that white and just had to help me. :)

So first we used the markers (Popperz) they sent us--they're broad and bold, and make quick work of coloring in our squares.

The colored squares were going to be for letters - part of the reason I came up with this idea is that my friend gave me a bucketful of foam letters the other day. (I figured eventually I'd come up with some idea of what to do with them!)

Some squares were rainbows - these spaces are for drawing whichever letter you like, or need.

I also put in just a couple of back and forward spaces.

So you start at the Start, and make your way around the board.
If you land on a 'v', then you fetch a 'v' out of the bag of letters (I put several of each letter in the bag).

You hold onto your letters until you're able to make a word, and then put that on your page.
The game ends when someone gets to the end of the path --the last square is also a "rainbow" square, so you can choose whichever letter you like to make a final word.

Maddie's not reading yet, but I figure this is a great way to help her feel confident in her skills. And she likes the game!

Now we need to see what idea she came up with for her game....


  1. What fun and how'd be a different game each time! Awesome!

  2. Brilliant and fun as always!

  3. That's lovely, Stephanie! What a great idea. And I love how as you sat, immersed in the Making, Maddie came and joined you. That is beautiful. And the game sure looks fun! Thank you for sharing it :)

  4. oooh, this looks like fun!! we're headed to Wisconsin next week, the land of Hobby Lobbies and Michael's Craft stores - you're giving me some great ideas!!

  5. I LOVE this idea. We will be making one this week!


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