Saturday, July 02, 2011

Headband Give-away

Hey there!
We're going to extend the Headband Give-away for a few hours....

Leave a comment here or there if you're interested in the kit for making sparkly accessories!

There are two to give away... the first one will close in about an hour, and the second one (with the names in it also put into the second drawing) will be tomorrow.
Leave a comment to be entered, and go here for details!


  1. am i too late? I know our girlies would have fun with these. k

  2. Oh the sparkly heart is so pretty. Count me in please.

  3. Count us in, too! Syd has a major headband addiction.

  4. I am pretty much into crocheting my own headbands but I do so happen to know a gorgeous little "almost" six year old - two weeks to go, who would love this to bits. She is such a creative little bunny! I would love to enter on her behalf. :-)

  5. My own Madelynn would love this! Thank you for the chance to win. I am enjoying your writings tremendously. What a lovely life...

  6. I just misread the blog title as 'Husband giveaway' lol.


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