Friday, July 15, 2011

' cotton's high....

one of my favorite things from childhood was waking up early and heading to the mountains for a breakfast on the griddle.
pancakes and bacon from the ol' green Coleman? yes, please.

this morning I woke Eric up and told him I felt that it was high time we went. our front gate is less than ten minutes from this favorite canyon, so....

I think I counted nine different butterfly species today.
how lovely that was.

false solomon's seal

we took some art supplies with us, and a wildflower field guide, but even those didn't get used...
too busy with mountainsides and bugs... rivers and rocks.



wild columbine...

and wild children, too....

eventually we were done hiking, and headed back toward home...

to the luxe toy store to spend some birthday loot for Trev, and get some presents for a Beloved's birthday tomorrow.

a verra late lunch at one of our current favorites,

and then to toys-r-us with more loot money. (he chose a basketball and a pokemon ball, this time.)

to home,
with a new pair of goggles,
and satisfied spirits. science with Magic School Bus,
and prehistory scenes.

i so love this tingly, twinkling life.


  1. *gasp!!!* so lovely...catching up on your incredible, summery days...lookin' good, people!

  2. Indeed it is! :-)

  3. Such bliss. Makes one feel so good to be alive. xoxo

  4. Getting out the gate is the hardest part. Love your day out exploring, great pics, wonderful countryside x

  5. All of that beauty right outside your gate - I'm swooning....

    Carry on twinkling friend!

  6. Those wonderful woods. What a breath taking day.

  7. Hello Stephanie
    I haven't been about visiting much as I have been mostly savouring these warmer months. How good to pop by and see you here and see all those magnificent nature shots. Such beauty. Lovely to see that all is good and as it should be with you all. Always is good to see how you guys live your days fully.
    Best wishes to you

  8. Love the ol' Coleman! We keep planning to bring it outside and do backyard camping up right, but alas...we're out of propane. HA!

    I adore the little drawing of the wild-haired beauty. So girly, she is.

    Happy Splendid Sparkly Life!

  9. A day right up my alley :)

    Why is it that sometimes the simplest ideas seem the best? Breakfast in nature without camping? I love it. It is now on our to do list :)


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