Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday's Artist

Welcome to Saturday's Artist; a weekly joining and celebration of every kind of creativity.
We hope you'll join us in celebrating this wonderful part of ourselves.
Show us where in the past week you've been shining your artistic, magnificent light!

Something this week that fed your spirit.
An outstanding photograph.
A day of mad painting.
A new yarn discovered that has sparked something fabulous for you.

The only requirement is that it is your favorite artistic Create! of the week!

Linking is only open each week until Tuesday morning!


  1. would love to link this week to some needle felting we're doing, but my computer and camera are feuding something awful, so no new photos until they call a truce. everything all right in your camp these days? hoping you're just busy with Summer...

  2. I hope I don't offend y'all with my beer art. You do say "every kind of creativity." Let me know if it's awfully artless. I always say I should have lived in medieval times. My love of bread and beer is without limit.

  3. Frankly, there isn't a scenario imaginable where beer could offend me. :)
    Raisin' my golden, sudsy, used-to-be Barilla sauce glass to you.

  4. I need to start being artsy & creative again so I can contribute to this... Maybe if I ever finish the kids' play kitchen I'll link it up here. :)

    As always, I love reading about everyone else's creativity... xo


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