Friday, June 10, 2011


the first thing i had to do was finish a few things that were contributing to my feeling of incompleteness.
sometimes the regular little things contribute to our feelings about life, and some were rather simple to rectify.

so i finished cleaning out the cricket's cage. :)

and i planted the watermelon.
and then finished the cantaloupes, the pepper plant, and basils.
and i fertilized (Dr. Earth) and watered the gardens and beds.

i cleaned out the pond, and it is now sparkly and bright. (an' the fish seem especially perky.)

i fed the fruit trees.

an' there was frog love. (lordy, these are just the cutest things... we're totally twitterpated.)

Trevy and i went to the corner to see the pole that had been broken into three pieces by the garbage truck.
that, of course, led to a few hours of no electicity, so we went for a walk to get the babes a slurpee. (don't you love the quiet of no electricity in the house? no hummings or buzzings, just still. love that.)

the sun showed itself (had two days of cool and cloudy), and Trev tried swimming for a few minutes.
wanted to show you this, it's a fun game for pool owners... the other day we took one of our hand weights -barbell shaped- and brought it outside. This three pound one is great for holding a hula hoop in the water. it makes for fun swimming and animal games in the pool. :)

Maddie and i played Mancala on the patio.

and we played our geo-dice game. we really like that one.

(always super cool when you make up a game and love it.)

Madd found strawberries!

i admired the roses.

and now the sun is shining,
the birds are singing,
the garden is growing,
and the flowers and children are blooming.

all is well, then.


  1. Glad you have found your way back to feeling more like yourself. Sounds like a lovely day. We have strawberries too...and our roses are all abloom. So pretty. Sending you lots of love for a sparkly day. xo

  2. The second frog much character!

  3. Phyllis - us, too. :) Elvis and Jake.


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