Monday, June 06, 2011

a summer's day

at long last.

' started out at 51 degrees. that's 10 to you fer-eigners. (personally, i'm a '76' -'24c'- kind of girl.)
but, you know. in kid language, as long as it's still liquid, that equals "good enough".


lazin' in the grass

laundry on the line

whirlpools (creating currents)

waving the family flag


Oregon Train and Plants vs. Zombies

smoke sticks

little bit o' sunburn (which for a couple of us means 'sun tan')


magic soothing potion of aloe, olive oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil


roasted marshmallows


visit with Grammie


love ♥ love ♥ love.


  1. love love love indeed!!!
    what a perfect day! it was raining all weekend here in the sf bay area. but looking forward to some sun and fun later this week!

  2. Love! Oh Yes!
    That pool looks so inviting.
    I'm really reading for some proper Summer days now.

  3. I'm a 76'er meself ;-). In good company I see! I think we'll invest in a little pool for the summer. Why not? I can recycle the water into the garden when it gets too oookie. No! Summer will not beat me this year :-)

  4. Can't believe how hot it was yesterday! Pool looks very inviting:) The boys played outside all day with their water guns and also got sunburns;(

    What is your aloe concoction? I put the store bought aloe gel on Damek and he said that it burned? Then I was looking on the bottle and it has lots of other ingredients besides aloe gel, including fragrance.

  5. I opened up about ten? leaves, and scraped the gel into a jar, then to stretch it out a bit I added about two or three tablespoons of olive oil (all I had, any that's easy on skin would work), then like 40 drops of lavender, and 10 or 15 drops of chamomile.
    It seems to be helping their discomfort. They're much more sunburned than I had thought last night! :(

    When Eric went to Harmons last night, he came back and said "Everyone was sunburned. I noticed a few people, at first, and then I started paying attention, and every person in the whole place was sunburned!" :) It caught us all by surprise!
    Welcome summer.

  6. Would you believe that...It is going down to 10 degrees C at night here and we are miserable... Miserable!!! You should see the queue around here at bedtime for hot water bottles and going to bed with scarves and socks and extra blankets and beanies!!! Just goes to show you guys are clearly survivors and we are wimps...
    And for sunburn... In the olden days when I was in high school our science teacher told us to spray white vinegar from a spray bottle really helps - something to do with the interaction with the skin proteins or something... I should google this - It did help, but then so does plain yogurt...

  7. ah yes...'twas the beach for us today. such as it is a beach, that is. {i'm a purist...North Sea, Gulf Coast}

    and despite slatherings of sunscreen, i fear we shall all be a bit pink tomorrow...

    sooooo worth it though. and for you all as well, i'm sure...;)


  8. The pool, The POOL! It's summer, fucking yeah!

  9. It was above 92 by ten in the morning. There was nothing else to do but escape to the mountains around here. Though a pool would have been heavenly.

  10. Love the family flag and the welcome return of hummingbirds. They have been visiting my feeder daily - just love em! Enjoy that pool :)

  11. I love your fur baby. Did you always have him or is he new since I was away growing a baby? I don't remember seeing him until now.

  12. I'm thinking we need a similar family flag. :)


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