Wednesday, June 01, 2011

summer one

deep breath.
here it is, then.

i'm quite alright with a slow, lazy arrival of Summer--as long as the days and exit are equally as stretched.
looong, slow, and easy....
that'd be just right.

eatin' honeysuckle.

findin' caterpillars.

kissing frogs. ' bet you didn't know i'm crazy 'bout frogs, did you? ;)

meet Elvis and Jake. or maybe they're names are Humpty Elvis and Dumpty Jake.

they are scientifically known as 'white dumpy tree frogs'. and now, officially, Family.
it's true that i have a pretty serious aversion to animals -or any living people- in cages; however these are cousins-in-law. our little Gingerbread (he's their former pet) is moving away with his family, to Maine to join our other Cousins (mucho devastation over this for us, Friends) and the closest pet store for crickets is just too far away for a long Maine winter. so we get to be their new Guardians.

lucky, lucky us.
so lots of sticky shades-of-green kisses in our future.
and stinky crickets.

i told the children this morning the next time an aphid landed on me i was gonna put it under the microscope.

it turned out that i had three (of various size) in a petrie dish in just a few seconds.
i never doubted it.

they were interested.

since it was out, i thought i'd also check out these little white specks that are sticking to my laptop screen (i'm out on the back porch, don't you know) and over-populating the pond. bugs? i really wasn't completely certain.

oh, yes. they're bugs.

whilst i was doing that, Trevy hollers from the livinroom, "Mom... I think the cricket is shedding its exoskeleton!"
now there are a few dead crickets in the cricket aquarium (all of a sudden we have active terrariums and aquariums all over the place!)... "Are you sure it isn't just dead?!?" asks his skeptical Mama.
"I'm pretty sure it's shedding."
i went in to see. dang! "Cool. It's molting."
sure enough... it was crawling right out of its skin. skeleton. whatever.

looks like a crash course in biology today, doesn't it??

'sides that, we have Dora and Diego.

and Oregon Trail.

a quiet "just us" day.

loose tooth
[squeeeze goes the heart]

a walk through the neighborhood to seven-eleven




and investigations.

so, so good.

and always, always good enough.


  1. Fabulous Stephanie... Yeah for summer!

  2. Those frogs are ADORABLE! But, I'm just too squeamish to have a pet that requires live food ;-). Although, if the food molts, that might bring me around.

  3. How did you get a photo of the specimen under the microscope? That is very cool.

    I have never seen a frog like that in nature. It is lovely. My girls would be thrilled to care for it.

    Beautiful post today!

  4. Summer is here!

  5. the color of that frog is just so beautiful ~ all sea foam, robin's egg blue, greenish and amazing!

    I did not know until just now that crickets shed their skin :)

  6. I have never seen a cricket!

  7. Gorgeous day. Feels like summer here finally. Now, I just need to "catch up" on all the garden without actually DOING the garden work. Hard to do what you want to do when you know what you are or are not SUPPOSED to do! ;P

  8. looks like the good life to me!

  9. Tara- I didn't know, either. (Glad I'm not the only one.)
    It's because they don't have a larvae stage, but rather just come tiny, so they molt as they grow. Cool! (We had to research it, of course.) :)

  10. Oh! And Jess - it's tricky to do, but sometimes my camera will let me get a shot just through the regular eyepiece. I have to wobble around a bit so I can find a good angle and not too much glaring light coming in.
    Sometimes it's impossible, sometimes I get lucky.

  11. Wow! Summer!'s still so cold here...but the pool opens tomorrow...

  12. Would it be ok to kiss those froggies through the computer screen? :) Looks like a lovely beginning of summer. :)

  13. I love the frogs! What cool "pets".
    I really enjoyed taking a stroll through your neighbourhood/day with you.
    Hooray for more lovely Summer days to come!

  14. Love, love, love this post Stephanie! I am aching for a lazy slow summer, yet it already seems full and it hasn't even started yet! Where in Maine are your friends moving? we are in the Midcoast area. The froggies are too cute I must say. My two kiddos would be so excited. I have however told them no more pets until we are on more land and have some sheep, chickens and goats!

  15. My sister is moving to Farmington (I think), or else my other sister lives in Farmington and this sister is moving to a town about 20 miles away. I know Robyn (the sister moving) is moving to a college town 20 miles away from my other sister. :) (if that makes sense.)

    We are not happy about their moving! :(

  16. Beautiful pictures. The frogs are lovely.

  17. OH, I'm so sorry to hear the Cousins are leaving you! :( (((hugs))) from someone whose sisters are far away, too!

    Frogs aren't quite a replacement for family, are they? But they are pretty cute. :)

  18. Lovely little frogs. My Kei would adore those! Love all the pictures and the first glimpses into what will be a glorious Summer!

  19. The frogs are the best! :) Enjoy tending them. :)


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