Wednesday, June 01, 2011

spring last

A Demo at our Aviary.
Trevy got to feed the emu. Very cool.

Egg Smasher 3000. This chicken egg could take 52 pounds of weight, but broke at 55 lbs. Cool.

Home again, home again,
Jiggety jig.

For a smidgeon of rest (which looked like computer play)
and supper
and tag
and a long (and very fun) game of volleyball.

We love The Cousins.


  1. Cool place! We got to eat an emu egg some friends of ours picked up at the ostrich farm, but for some reason we didn't see any emus! LOL.

    I love that your kids have cousins to hang with. Do they realize how much they look alike? :)

  2. What fun! I know you are so glad to have warmer weather. Looks like the kids had a blast. Very cool that Trev got to feed the Emu, and I love the pic of Maddie and those yellow/orange birds. Your children are growing beautifully.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I want to be your kid. What a blast!

    Whole lotta cousin fabulousness there. Sweet.

  4. Love love love it all!!! I was going to say I loved the first pic, then the second, then ... you get the idea!!! Brilliant fun... I think the pelican is my favorite!!!

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fun day, I would so love to have joined in. :-) Hugs xox

  6. What a beautiful picture of your daughter holding the 3 birds on her arm! her smile is so joyful.

  7. The sweet photos of the birds on the children was my favorite part of your visit. :) How fun!


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