Sunday, June 19, 2011

practical magic

I guess I get these... inclinations... at different times of the year, sometimes.
In Autumn, my fingers and spirit and heart are all about harvesting and drying and preparing... in winter I am am inexorably drawn to the hearth and oils, and often fancy meetings of import with Hestia or Vesta...

Midsummer Eve by E.R. Hughes

I've been thinking and feeling and dreaming Summer's Magic for several days, now.
I suppose it could have to do with the fact that I've been a bit bogged down with unromantic, mundane things like inconsistency, minor dreadfulness of not knowings, and feelings of powerlessness.
But I think it's more than that.
I think it's greater than just trying to lift my feet (not my whole being, thankfully; just my feet) out of muck... it isn't really even a muck that I feel, at present...
Maybe it's more of a "to hell with that urbanity.... let's celebrate the good stuff!". :)
I'm sort of kidding, but there is something... in all of this....(as I look around me and see Still and Harmony and Balance and Green and Life and Bounty and Abundance...)... something here that whispers sweet somethings to me.
There is Life here that sighs,
and bows
and nods
and sings.
And It seems to be making Its promises known to me.

Besides days spent with favorite people
and energies invested in planning birthday days,
we've been having fears and apprehensions grow and then allocated to people with Power (doctors and dentists... oof),
worries and fears laid to rest,
and too many un-answered questions ringing in our heads....

maybe all of That leads one to the garden (Earth... Magic...), hmmm??

And so I notice the chamomile flowering, and think of gentleness and calm.
I run fingers through the catnip, and think and smell happiness and good spirits.
See the sage and can't help but think of Wise Woman and purification.

of course....
we're just days away
from that fantastical time known as Midsummer.

making merry,
wings of light,
secret powers,

And so...
I say Yes.
Yes to all of that Magic.


  1. Blessings to you this Midsummer! We, too, are in a waiting, wondering, hoping and worrying place. Thank you for reminding me where to go for courage and relief from my fears.

  2. HI :) I love the underlying tone in your 3 most recent posts... The witch bottle, the rose water... summer and what you speak of waiting and wondering and not-knowing- but feeling that wise woman rise up and the nature spirits speaking to you... I sense you have a deep soul, and you are going through some sort of transformation... Many blessings on your path sister.

  3. Lauren -
    I live close enough to the earth that I think each new season brings these sorts of feelings forth, for me.
    Wanting to celebrate, be in-tune with, and find respite and solace and communion with the world around me.
    Not only that, but it's a way for me to focus my entire intent -hands and heart and mind- to what my Spirit longs for, seeks, or dreams. :)

  4. I'm in that waiting wondering worrying place too...with some illnesses and the possibility of having to move. But your post reminded to spend my time, this magical time, being here, where I am and seeing the beauty and feeling the joy of it..
    Sweet Midsummer Dreams to you and yours.

  5. yes. me, too :)

  6. Stephanie~Do you read Alice Hoffman's novels? They're magical and splendid. And she is a breast cancer survivor (on of the first people I told, when I was diagnosed).

    Anyway...if you don't already adore her, you will.


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