Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mother's Witch Bottle

Soon we come upon Midsummer, and it's certain that I'll be gathering herbs for a bit of magic then, but I've been wanting an extra little something in my corner for my Mamahood...

Tussy mussy...
something tossed over the fire....
a new oil...

Yesterday, I thought 'a witches bottle!'. Perfect.

As usual, mine will be filled with goodly things... this time ideas and intentions that I wish to be a prominent part of my mothering.

Things like Friendship. And happiness. And courage.

So here we go, then.

The first thing I gathered was two snippets of thyme - mother of thyme, actually; it seemed appropriate. For courage and energy.

Catnip was next... used to attract good spirits and great luck. Used in something like this, it also enhances beauty and happiness.

Lemon balm for success. Must have that.

Cinquefoil... aah, cinquefoil. The five points of the leaves represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom. I don't do much without adding this five finger grass.

Ivy guards against negativity.

Lavender, of course, for peace.

Rosemary for cleansing and purifying; banishing negativity.

Sage. For wisdom.

Strawberry leaves for luck.

Yarrow for courage and friendship.

Mine will be left open to dry, then I'll close it when that's done.
I could have hung them on my small drying rack, or put them on the drying plate, but I fancy having this bottle right away, so it sits on my windowsill, directly above me while I sleep.

It's bound with leather, to keep the energies bound to intent.

And there you have it.
A bit of magic always at work for the Mama.

If you're brave and curious and have no idea what a "witches bottle" is, this article has lots of good information.


  1. cute! I always intend on making one of these too...on my list now.

  2. This is such a great idea! I am going to adapt it and make a bottle of our old garden with the children, to take to the new house.

    Love this - and still loving your inspiring blog...just spent a lovely half hour catching up on the posts I've missed.

  3. I love it, Stephanie!

    I love your choice of heart-shaped bottle, too.

    Everyone should welcome magic into her life. Especially good-smelling magic. :)

  4. nice! i love herbs...they carry our intentions and wishes so well. ;)

  5. That's interesting. Cute too. Mama always needs positive energies.


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