Tuesday, June 07, 2011

monday, monday

let's see.
' made a dozen waffles today for the freezer.
not a big deal or even slightly interesting to you, of course, but super cool for me.

cousin time.
nearing the last little bit of that for a long time. but we won't talk about it. (alternately sniffling and cursing over that one, still. an prob'ly will be 'til they move back home.)

we had another marathon of "what temperature is the water now?!?!" today. started off this morning with the water at 62 - much better than yesterday's 51, I must say. i'm still waiting for the 76, myself.

the Little Lobsters were soon in, of course.

lots of quiet play today.... computer... wii....lectures....
(it was cloudy, windy, and not exactly hot today)
then all of a sudden they realized that time was passing, and they came together for The Adventures. took off in the neighborhood. [waves hand over head,] somewhere Over There.

the Mudder stayed home and made croutons. sans recipe. they're yummy, thankyouverymuch.

pool!! said babes upon returning home.
"really?" asked me.
"mmmhmm! absolutely."
"well, alright..."

yep. there they were.

an' there was that.

an' this.

first one.

and some other deliciousments, too.

two days of Summer.
sigh. just what we needed.


  1. You can sure tell they are related!! Looks like such a fun day.

  2. Oh your cousins!! Your BELOVED cousins!! :( hugs and prayers your way!!!

  3. these photos look like pure summer fun. just what we like around here, too :)

  4. You sure sound happy, despite the fleeing cousins, love that!

  5. Am I a geek for thinking the most exciting part of your post WAS the waffles? Your extended crew looks happy in all the summerness.


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