Friday, June 24, 2011

friday : it's the little things

yup. the little things.

like Maddie's new pink ds.

and a stop by Game Stop, for a couple of pre-owned games (ds and gamecube for the wiiheehee).

and stocking up on pool filters; because they were on sale for verra cheap.

like new super soaker (pretty expensive) squirt guns for less than five bucks each...

and a birthday lunch,

a warm enough pool,

a call to the phone company for a more fitting customization,

yummy leftovers in the fridge,

and filled tiki torches.

things like running (and working) household coolers,

several new (standard tank) tops,

and junior mints in the freezer.

like butterflies flitting by

and having more-than-enough clothes pins for the line.

things like getting to be the Super Hero and fixing the wii (which really just came unplugged when he accidentally knocked it over, but still - he was bawling because he thought he broke it),

and giving Others enough room and hope to Believe In Anything.

like a new Land Before Time movie,

and a Pokemon game on the pc.

things like talking to the trampoline people, and getting that new one all lined up. :) phew.

teeniest, tiniest praying mantis babies. (another phew, actually.)

warm, sunshiney days forecasted for the next ten.

an' a swim with my son,

an' freshly coral-painted toenails.

like connecting -finally- with a dear, beloved friend.


and sigh, sigh again.

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Did you ever get my email about Stanley?


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