Friday, June 10, 2011

friday : abundantly

living abundantly,
that's what today felt like.

with color.

gorgeous sage
(against a pale and rickety ol' wood fence. sigh.)

more paper airplane experiments

hoop dancin'

obstacle course races; Puppy Style
-they were created solely by Madeleine, after all-

jumpstart world first grade


so, so close, friends. 'cept there's that cool wind comin' out of the northwest....


i so did it.
Mermaid Style - which means underwater, breasts to the bottom of the pool, skin soaking up salt.
my style.

and now...
now I have a date with two babies and a history channel documentary...

all is well here.
we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Brave Mermaid Girl! Lovely day as always :-)

    So, we think Arthur's ready for computer games that might help him move toward reading. I'm sure you've mentioned what you use a zillion times, but sometimes I don't pay attention ;-)...all that seemed so far away. But, it's time. Definitely time - for my sanity as much as anything ;-). Would love your recommendations for the 4 1/2-5 yo crowd.

  2. Gorgeous. Love the water glistening in the sun off you legs. That sounds weird maybe...but I love it anyway. :)

    And Maddie, in the tree. LOVE. She is a cutie patootie. Isaac is big into Jumpstart these days. On it ALL day today. Having soooo much fun.

    Happy weekend my friend. xoxo

  3. sistah, your garden is FULL!!! in every sense, on every plane of existence! full to burstin'! :)

  4. oh, but i love {and totally prefer} rickety old fences as backdrop for luscious earthy goodness....;)

    you are a very brave mermaid --- brrrrr!

    JumpStart -- mega popular you do the online version as well? {i think i've probably asked that..or else thought to ask and then dreamed that i did...}


  5. Ahhhhh...

    Visiting here is such a fresh breath of lavender-scented air. Every post makes me smile. I've missed visits to my online friends--yes, Facebook is nice, but visiting one's blog is like visiting one's home. It feels so cozy.

    I'm glad I stopped by, Mermaid Mama!

  6. Brave Mermaid Girl, indeed!

    You have such a lovely plot of paradise there. I love to visit your blog and take in a piece of it! :)


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