Wednesday, May 18, 2011

tuesday : seamlessly

mmm, monday just... melts and puddles and trickles into tuesday, then.

we had plans of visiting Kid Paradise with friends, but alas one was ill (with the same thing that is still lingering in the Mama at our house...oof), so that's on hold for a while.

so what, then?
what does a rainy and cold Tuesday do?

Maddie started with playing at cool math games.
her brother played one jurassic park game, and then another.

She decided to open a ballet studio, so Madd made signs for that (they're on our front door), and she did some research watching Angelina Ballerina.

we talked about the happenings with the space shuttle, and then went to NASA to watch all of the recent Endeavor videos.

there was engineering.

and puppy love

and swinging on the tree swing

and games.

and there were snuggles with Mama in a warm blanket on the couch.

rainy and cold and slow.
mmhmm, sometimes you gotta.

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  1. Have you guys seen 'A Voyage To The Planets - A Traveller's Guide To Leaving Earth'. It is set up like a travel show and educates about the different planets - it is my favourite and TFG's as well (she makes me pull down the lounge blinds to watch it so it is like in real space lol).


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