Monday, May 16, 2011

to the birds

we spent the day, Sunday, watching birds.

heard a hummingbird whirring during the morning.

i saw an unidentified bluebird at the feeder while i was showering. (thus, alas, no picture.)

listened to maddie imitate chickadee calls.

watched for babies to see if we could spot our little fledgeling.

listened and watched dozens of The Regulars throughout the day.

watched the lesser goldfinches visit the pond...
for a bath.

watched the quail land at the garden gate and then walk aaaaall the way around the fence (instead of flying over) so they could visit the yummy lettuces.
i think they were eating our pea shoots, too....

watched sparrows take a dust bath in the sandpit.

and saw a verra bright and cheery fellow visit the hummingbird feeder.

that was most of our day.

' sides freeing the grapes (from their rose and creeper chaos)
and shining up the fairy and butterfly garden.

all worthwhile causes,

how grows your world?


  1. I love your toad house!

    I don't see many quail anymore. They sure are cute. :)

  2. I love quail!! If I had them in my garden, I'd share my lettuce & pea shoots, too :-). Such an excellent day!

  3. love this :)

    Our hummers came back this weekend too.

    We've had ruffed grouse and hawks of late, no quail recently though.

    Thanks for the bird fun, you sure do have a happy spot there!

  4. I want to come and sit in your garden right now! My girl would just LOVE to come too—she went through a bird-passion phase a year or so back, and read every bird book she could get her hands on. She knew every Australian bird she saw. She could come to your place and get to know every US bird—they all seem to be in your garden!

    You have so many flying friends—how cool that you captured them all, almost! I AM kind of surprised you didn't have your camera with you in the shower just in case magic happened—next time, perhaps? :)

  5. great shots! Love that little gnome home.

  6. How fantastic to see the birds from the other side of the world - some so different some so the same! I really think I should get a new camera to take some photos of our local feathered friends and perhaps find something a bit exotic!

  7. Our world grows well thank you :)

    We just expanded the the small flower bed we have in front of our house. I think we about doubled the planting space. After replanting the current plants, things are looking a little empty. I see a trip to the nursery in our near future :)

    The creatures are already having a field day. The birds are happy to have all the bugs and worms exposed, the squirrel is happy that my daughter spilled bird seed all over the ground (now he doesn't have to stretch to reach the feeder now), and we even had a bunny hopping through the garden!

    It was a good day!

  8. Oh and I love quails! When we lived in AZ we saw them all the time and I miss them, so thanks for the awesome photo!

  9. Oh my God...I love that quail!

  10. Like many others here, I am feeling happy after seeing your quail photo. I grew up in CA and we used to have a little family of them living behind our house....they were so cute crossing the road in a fast little line.

  11. Wow! Are the quail indigenous where you live? Did someone release them at one point. How awesomely pretty are they?

  12. Kim - fourteen pair were introduced to Salt Lake County in 1869.
    I love them so.


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