Thursday, May 19, 2011

thursday : in gentleness

this morning we started our dark, rainy day by returning to bed, with Trevy. (he's always the last to rise.)
we haven't found ourselves discontent and restless yet, after these days of rain, but rather we're calm, and quiet, still--though i noddingly acknowledge that could change at any moment. :)

so it was a good morning for a rainy sort of stack of books.
A Drop Around the World.... Zen Shorts.... Follow the Water: From Brook to Ocean... The Wind in the Willows.... Old Mother West Wind.... Old Turtle... a fine place to start, hmm?

we got through two, A Drop Around the World, and our favorite Zen Shorts, before Trev was ready to rise and greet the morning.
but 'twas good enough certainly, as a fine beginning.

i offered the children my zenergy chimes.... do you know what this is? i asked them. Maddie has an idea, as she hangs out with me in my special spaces sometimes, but i offered the chimes to them truly, today. "these can be used as bells for mindfulness. what that means, is that when you hear the bell, you stop what you're doing, and simply breathe, and feel at peace. you just Be. we're going to leave these out, for all of us, and you can ring this anytime you feel like someone is needing to stop for a moment, or when you're feeling a little undone, yourself. it's not for banging on, or venting frustration, but rather ready for a gentle tap whenever you feel we need the reminder. see?"
"So it's a peaceful musical instrument," says Madd.
"Mmhmm. It's an instrument that reminds us to be peaceful."

the zen garden was brought up, too.
which led to gentle play, naturally,

and also naturally (in this house) led to thoughts of moonsand. :)

thomas on the kitchen floor.

more sand play.

Trev led me to the den to show me a new game he's discovered, and how good he is at it. :)

Maddie has been playing Language Club today (French, Japanese, Espanol, and English).

Trevelyn and I played his word game he invented-- you take however many letter dice you like, and within a time limit you make a word using all of your dice.

and we played Guess Who? (a current favorite),

a few games of Stixx,

and finally more of Exago (liking that one, still)

while listening to/watching SchoolHouse Rock.

Maddie rang our bell for us when she felt like her mother needed a reminder.

i am happy to say that it worked,

aah, here comes the rain, again.

sometimes the rain is just right, hmm?
something like a nice, gentle bell....


  1. Zen Shorts is one of our favorite reads here too. Your bell is so lovely. I think that would be a wonderful idea to introduce into our home for *those* kind of moments.

  2. Nice! Love your little zen garden, I've been wanting one of those for a while, hadn't thought of making one.

  3. Oh that is such a good idea - re the peace always inspire me to calmer parenting, thank you again :)

  4. Love the idea of peace bells!

    And Rye is rather taken the moon sand creations :-)

  5. Perfect, as always! And I've been trying to work out how to bring peace to our home. My son has a lot of anxiety and restlessness. Perhaps chimes are just the ticket to get us started! Thank you :-)


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