Friday, May 13, 2011

thursday : heal thyself

i really started out the day thinking i'd do with it as I would.
taming tigers, floating down the Amazon... you know.
i mean-- it's sunshine and seventy-one degrees today, after all (after days of gray and storms), and my house good-enough near spotless.

early on i remembered that i still hadn't trimmed one lone rose bush.
i got it into the garbage before the truck came.

i cleaned the rose patio - it was thick with plum blossoms.

Maddie got her breakfast menus designed,
and I got her scrambled eggs cooked.


and then...
and then i found myself just standing around, drifting from tiny garden to tiny garden.
being so tired.
so tired from this damned cold. tired from wrenching coughs for three days.
looking for a place to rest. :)

' kept lookin' at that one over there.

it's a pleasant enough spot that it didn't take too long for me to grab a pillow from my bed.
and my laptop.

an then Little Son had an issue... my waiting-to-be-planted flowers were in his Prehistory Zone.
"Well..." I said. "Hmmm. How 'bout this one over here? Can I clear out this spot for you?" I really wanted these flowers in this corner. "And how 'bout this one, too? Will this do for your scenes?"
"What?" he asked. "The plants are totally fine, Mom, it just messes up my scenes if they're in plastic pots!"
"Oh! Well, I can fix that..."
and so it was that i got the corner done. in between the shade garden and the herb garden.
which naturally led to cleaning/loving the herb garden, too.
it's happy.

the perennials: garden phlox, three roses, st. john's wort, sage, bee balm, oregano, rosemary, lemon balm, chives, peppermint, another rose, lavender; and soon to be mammoth sunflowers and green onions.

while i was standing around this morning in my stupor (and it's quite true that i'm in a stupor, today, as i'm half-dead) before i let myself get all upset about the millions of things That Must Be Done, i balanced that thought with "Well - some of it's done!" and i looked around and did an actual accounting of things that are still waiting. not so much, after all.
it's not always that we remember to acknowledge the things we've accomplished, I think!

so along those lines, i grabbed my ipod and my meditation beads, and sat at the pond for a bit.
getting over this cold.
letting the space nurture me.

('tis why i have my favorite greenlings planted here, after all--nurturing space.)

then i played quietly around the pond for a while, building here and there.

and rested.

and i watched the children play.

and it wasn't a day of ten thousand things
and ten thousand thoughts,
but it was exactly what we needed,
this quiet healing space.

on to the Living, then.


  1. Your pond area sounds lovely, as does your herb garden. Speedy healing to you!

  2. I'm so glad you have healing spaces in your lovely garden :-). Feel better!!

  3. "i really started out the day thinking i'd do with it as I would.
    taming tigers, floating down the Amazon... you know"

    LOL! I really do LIKE you! You kinda remind me of someone I know. And I have to say, I am totally in love with your garden, especially your meditation spot there. My garden is a chaotic mess at the moment, probably because I have not been home much lately.

    Sending some loving healing energy your way. Feel better soon. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

  4. Hoping you feel better soon Stephanie :)

  5. Get well soon - lots of honey and lemon drinks:) The garden is looking beautiful, as is the house...I think you've definitely got time to sit down and just be and heal.
    take care

  6. What lovely outdoor spaces to refresh and rejuvenate. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. you've worked hard to create these spaces for yourself(ves), so i'm glad they can hold you when you aren't feeling up to snuff. beautiful. feel better!

  8. So the cold caught you too then? Hope your feeling better!

    On wednesday I had the chills, thursday a massive headache and the cough started. Yesterday I was on the couch for 1/2 the day, then the boys and I went to do errands and came home to find Lee on the couch:(

  9. Julie - yep. sounds about right!

    it's a doozy... though Eric and the babes only had it for two days, so i figure back to normal tomorrow!


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