Tuesday, May 17, 2011

monday : at ease

We hear all the time that in an unschooled life, no two days look the same.
"What's a typical day like?" And the answer is usually, of course, that there really isn't one.

Sometimes I think about that, and feel that we often have pretty 'regular' sort of days. I mean, they're not crazily different Every Single Day.
But they're also not predictable, not required, and not ordinarily mapped out, either.

So yesterday.
It had turned cold.
Eric had the day off, so it was family day.
Trev woke up and right away started up Oregon Trail.
And stayed with it.
And hunted bear and deer and gathered mountain lily tubers for cooking and gathered elderberries and nettles and talked to folks about crossing rivers with covered wagons and learned about explorers and snake bites and that measles can lead to pneumonia and it was totally cool. He trekked all the way to Oregon; completed his mission.
Maddie played on the other computer, played wiiheeheee with her daddy, chased outside with him, helped him with mowing the lawn, went for a bike ride....

We all built with Citiblocks.

And Trev completed two more excursions.

And it was quiet. And it was restful,
and even more than that, it was really wonderful. It was full of lovely new ideas and discoveries, and it was this wholesome, rich, quiet sort of dreamy thing.
That's not a very concise description, is it?
But it was.
And it was very different than a 'usual' sort of day, but at the same time it was so... us, and so Just Right.

I think that's the biggest surprise and advantage of living this way... there is no one perfect way or day - instead there are hundreds of them.
And it's so wonderful to discover and appreciate them, and to be able to accept them - the moments, the life - as it comes.
Even though there are thousands of flavors and tempos, the life isn't disjointed and disconnected, but rather the opposite - it's harmonious and seamless, beautiful and rich.

And there is plenty of room in that for a lovely, quiet Monday.


  1. One day, after I'd been declared "cured" of my breast cancer, I was sitting at my mom's house (on a Sunday evening). Everyone who works (my dad, my husband, my aunt) was sort of anxious and disassociated from our conversation b/c they all had that pit in their stomach--that, we have to wake up early and go to work pit. I remember thinking (and I believe I said it aloud), every single day feels like a Friday afternoon now. That TGIF feeling I had when I worked. Now...being at home w/ Benjamin and living the way we wish...and having Michael with us whenever he can be? It's a constant state of TGIF! :)

  2. That is the beauty of this life. We don't have to schedule schedule schedule, always be out, go go go go go, run like hamsters on a wheel to constantly be somewhere, go somewhere, do something. We don't feel scared of being home with an open afternoon, we are not scared of silence or introspection or exploration or time to just BE. So we are free. Free to flow and love and do and be happy the way we need to be now in this moment. I don't think people understand that for a while when they leave behind the scheduled to the minute lives. I still see it in so many homeschoolers too - afraid to just be. I love the ebb and flow, the comfort, the family. It is a rich life and we are so lucky to have it!

  3. Agreed. When we have so much energy, and want and need to go, go, go!, we love to do that, surely. It's nice to fly and spin through the world, sometimes.
    But the greatest thing about it is that the quiet days, and the regular days, and the adventure days are all equally important, and equally enjoyed.
    We don't really do Schedules around here (we don't take any classes and rarely have appointments - we're still preferring to learn and Do on our own), and I love that there is so much room for Everytyhing.
    Fly when we want to. Still when we want to. "Free to flow and love and do and be happy...", as you said.
    I love and appreciate all of it!

  4. Every once in a while we have a moment or two that feels that way - so very us. But, my son still struggles to get absorbed into anything quiet - and quiet, parallel activities are us (or it was when it was just DH and I). Not sure if we just need to work out how to shift to a more active/chatty lifestyle, or if he'll join us in our peaceful moments one day.

    Oregon Trail! Oh, we've been listening to the Little House audio books...I need to find that game! Perfect and fun for us all!

  5. I love that we can follow our own rhythm. We tend to love to be out doing lots of fun new things for several weeks, and then it seems we need a whole week of going nowhere, just laying in our p.j.s for half the day, spending hours looking at books, playing games and talking. It's nice to know when we need those quiet days we can have them whenever we want them.


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