Wednesday, May 04, 2011

may three

i think today was our -wait, make that my- first spring day really free of any sense of urgency.
it's been so cool, and so gray, and true sunshine has been so infrequent that any days that are bright and almost warm have been marked as quick! get outside... now!! days.
not so much for the gardens, or the little green things (for those are prepared and ready), just for our own enjoyment.
but just a couple of days ago, i mentioned to the children... "May first begins with springtime... do you know what we'll be ending May with?"
"Summer?" asked little son.
"Summer!" said his mama.
and now the weatherfolks say sixties and maybe even seventies? for the next foreseeable future... so we -I- can breathe a sigh of relief, and just fall into it.
how lovely.

so today i felt totally comfortable (under the clouds) with just piddling.
no need to rush.
nothing imminent that is Must Do.

Madd spent much of her day playing JumpStart World (first grade).

Trev played Super Mario on the wiiheehee for a short bit.

mama and son played Totally Tut

and we got out Pixel, and racked our brains with that one for a while.

sat with Madd some more, helping her with JSWorld.

I showed Trevelyn software we have for learning Espanol, and though he thought it looked interesting for later, it was Maddie today who dug right in with the learning of that.

Trev and I played Carmen Sandiego again today for a couple of hours. (we're loving that one. another two missions complete! today) and he played with the language part of things for a while... learning a few things Japanese.

there's been ScoobyDoo,
and Godzilla,

making music,


imax Dolphins

reading with leapster

and Colossal Squid.

there were things that didn't get done... cookies, oil pastels (there are some fish we want to create), and a mopped kitchen floor...

but as i said, the urgency is gone, now that it's getting less likely that any minute we'll have to close up the house for several days to keep winter-like days out.

so here comes the "just enjoy it" part.
thank goodness.

i do love a soft breeze flowing freely through the house.
there's just something so significant and sublime about that, yes?


  1. Carmen Sandiego sounds so awesome. Do you remember what age your kids were when they started playing it? I'm hopeless at finding age-appropriate things for my 4 1/2 year old (not to mention something that I'd enjoy, too).

  2. Probably six? for Trev. ??
    The one he plays now, Maddie likes to play for a little while, but she doesn't read, so she doesn't get too far.
    We have several games of CS's - the problem is that they take a very old computer - we keep a XP computer around so we can play many of our games. SOme of those Carmen games are 3.1!! :)
    We have one called Junior Detective that's for littles ones, but I don't think we ever got it to work on our newer system (xp).

  3. Awesome days ahead for sure! I can't wait for solid sumer days, and that fresh air purifying my house as well. Just a little while longer!

  4. Oh I already wish it were spring again here. I am not much of a cold liking person. Need to get out in the garden today and the wind is freezing!


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