Monday, May 02, 2011

May First

I don't do a lot of mentioning of our learnings.

There are a couple of reasons for that--one is that I just don't have the time !! to mention every little cool conversation and inquiry that happens every day, and the other is that for the most part I feel that how my children process and what they think about things is not very much my business.

City Creek Canyon

Living this way certainly allows for the odd irritating thing to happen - such as Little Son showing off his cussin' abilities to our friend who spent two days with us ("What's up with the cursin', Son? Xav isn't impressed with it." "Yes I am!" :/ lol. -- but really that only lasted a very short while, thankfully....) but usually what they study -Trev was researching Disney villains, and this commentator was the cussin' teacher- or are interested in is not something that I feel is mine to dictate.

There are exceptions, naturally... I don't want hatred or maleficence or anything that supports or promotes them around my family or in our environment, but these are things my children know well, and aren't much interested in anyway, so it isn't an issue. Excepting rants of cussin' commentators, of course. :)

King Vulture - via bird show at the Aviary

What is mine is that I get to listen to (and smile over) their questions... we spend loads and loads of time together....we visit cool places... we venture out into the world and question things and suppose things and imagine things.. we look stuff up when we get back home, we talk freely about what's in our heads and our hearts, and I try my best to keep an abundance of interesting things flowing around us.

at EarthJam

I get to give them a happy and safe home, and to show them a beautiful world, and they amaze and charm me with their ideas and imaginings about it... and it's a beautiful, remarkable Becoming.

So we often just pack up our adventure pack, and set off into the world.
Like yesterday.

Eric had to open the restaurant with brunch... which meant we were absolutely inviting ourselves to breakfast.

I had the notion that all but a couple of our hiking trails are under feet of snow or else a sogging mess, but that the canyon directly north and above our valley might be alright....

so I made a batch of our chewy granola bars, and we grabbed water, and set out for the day.

Since we were already in town (and this is how many of our adventures go) we were also heading to the aviary, which is inside one of our very favorite parks.

The children were thrilled that the ninety-year old ferris wheel was moving!

Oh-- it was Earth Jam!

May Pole

cotton candy

I guess some people question how we can know if there's learning and growing in a child if we don't sit them down and test them or continually record their progress.

making music at the park

But the other side of that,

is that if you spend your days and thoughts with your children--

you can't help but see it,
for it's there--
in the Everything.


  1. Brilliant!! I have so enjoyed following how your children are learning and growing over the years. You are the guide I long to be for my son. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your fun!

  2. What a blessed life.

    Yep - it's impossible to not see the growth, the learning happening. We just came in from outside and (remember our trip to the Butterfly Conservatory?) while out there Isaac was pretending we were there and talking about all the butterflies he was "seeing." I didn't know how much of it had "stuck" but when he started nameing them off I realized he learned quite a bit. Not to mention his talk around chrysalis...I can harldy say that but he just blurted it out, no hesitation. It's so awesome.

    You truly are such an inspiration to me. I wish we lived closer. I feel like I could learn so much from you. More than I already do. Keep on rocking, mama. xoxo

  3. What a beautiful, rich environment your children are able to learn naturally in! I know many people that do sit around and constantly ask, question, and quiz their children to see what they are learning, but know what? While they are rushing their children to "learn" they have lost something very precious...their children's childhood. You, my friend, are able to enjoy every waking moment of theirs! As you know, there is nothing greater than this-sharing your lives and learning along the way :)

  4. One of the beauties of living this way is that we're free to check in at anytime - look at our fears, assess our emotions, make sure the children are thriving... we don't have to go about living blindly and fearfully.
    I just find that the more we go along in this life, the more the goodness continues on, and the less I need fear.

    So good. :)

  5. Rainblissed - thank you so much. That's very kind. :)

    Debbie - yeah... I love how things like that come up later. Sometimes six months or a year later!
    After seeing that happen enough times, you quit worrying about things fitting together (putting things in a "unit" frame for our own comfort) and you realize that all of This fits together beautifully, because it is Our life and Our learning.
    Totally cool. :)

    Sarah - yup. Exactly. It's not that we absolutely always must be fear-free, but rather that just paying attention helps us to see that it just isn't necessary, usually.
    And usually if we have an inkling that we need to stir things up a bit, that's easy (and fun!!) to do. :)

    Love to all of you!

  6. Great post! Exactly what I wanted to say :-)

    I like that in all their space to think, a distinct personality appears, with confidence to question and challenge what "everyone knows", and so often present a new point of view. We're learning and growing together.

    I love the first photo of the ferris wheel - beautiful!

  7. Funny. My daughter was showing off her cussin' the other day, too. The neighbor lady got pretty upset, but we all had a lot of interesting conversation over that.

  8. Beautiful birds! Looks like a fabulous place.

  9. ya hooooooooo!!!!!! to the Everything. i love and so appreciate the resonance i get when i come here. it is so reassuring to me. ani at dinner tonight was explaining something to her papa and i kept thinking WHA----?? how did you KNOW that? well, duh, it's cause she's paying attention to the world...
    and cussin' must be goin' around...!! it gets pretty creative around here.

  10. So lovely. The dog, the cotton candy, the flowers, the cussin', the exploring, the everything.

    Spring is like crazy learning time. The earth is changing in front of our eyes every moment! You are inspirational and juicy! Thank you for sharing.

  11. thank you for reminding me, again. As we reach closer to 5 I'm feeling all those outside pressures to "take things more seriously" then I read this and I remember what journey I want to be on.


  12. Looks like you had a fabulous day! Beautiful pictures:)

  13. We spent a couple of weeks in Florida just recently, and oh, poor Willow was VERY interested in Disney! We'll save up to take them when Sydney is tall enough to go on Splash Mountain, is my opinion. However, Will got very interested in the Kingdom Keepers series of novels while out there--a little scary but not too much, lots of good behind-the-scenes Disney action--Mr. Trev might enjoy them.

  14. I do so love this post. I say that a lot when I'm here, don't I?

    I've been thinking about writing something up--something that says the same kind of thing--something that sort of explains how I know we're doing things just right.

    Maybe I'll just share this post. 'Cause it is perfect.

    P. E. R. F. E. C T.


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