Wednesday, May 04, 2011

may 4

have i ever mentioned that i love our life,

and i love the way we do things?

like rising to play JumpStart World First Grade--first thing!
and then on the leapster...
while wearing a crown.

like building.
while her brother makes French Toast.
all by Himself.
(well, his Mama showed him and told him how 'twas done... but He did the actions.)

digging... watering... planting...

...his seed potatoes.

a ramp.

venturing out with a bicycle and a 140 lb dog on a leash.

apple blossoms!!! now i dunno if that means apples, exactly (as this is our first Spring with the tree), but i'm very excited for the blossoms, still.



oil pastel art. via Usborne Art Treasury and Paul Klee.

wiiheehee (Madd)

geo-shapes game.

it's been since last summer or fall, since we've played this, I think. Maddie saw the stuff out, and said, "Oh!!, I love this game!!" as she grabbed it to play. :)

they both have this very tricky hypnosis/confuse/exhaust you thing they do often times for five minutes before they'll consider delivering the ball... sigh.

Trev does research on dog-speak translations. (yep. that's pretty much how we roll 'round here. verrrrra important things we got goin' on.)

and further pup research... breeds and history, this time (which is a favorite, lately).

wax sticks.

and sand.

and friendship.

more research (Disney, this time.)

more Prehistory Carnage.

(oh yes-- Her, too.)

research. April Fools' pranks this time. again! dude. beware.
or better yet- move next door. we could use new victims.

more sand.

are we repetitive and boring??
~happy is contagious that way~

research. the Jaws movie this time.
(i'm tellin ya'. research is his Thing. or Thang. whatever. do people still say 'thang'?)
nevermind. people prob'ly don't still say Duuude, either, but i don't much care. dude.

swinging. under an evenin' sun.

and i'm quite sure i've dizzied you with our silliness enough for one day.
so i'll just bow out,
and say,

'and that's good enough for me.'
goodnight, sirrah.


  1. I was captured by your description of what they do before serving the ball - I love this moment. It's almost like they are waiting for a cue from something us grownups can't see or hear - then suddenly it's game on. :)

  2. I like your family's style as well! At the risk of being April fooled or devoured by prehistoric beasts, what fun it would be to be your neighbors!

  3. Multiple parts of this post had me laughing out loud. Fred kept asking, "Are you okay in there?" I wanted to call you and say, "Dude, this was so funny." Awesome life...absolutely. xo

  4. i know. i crack myself up.

    but it's nice to have a partner in crime once in a while.

  5. I sort of wanted to see that picture of the dog and the bike! It looks like a lovely day, and thank you for showing some bare feet! It is all mud here, and I long for short pants, sunshine and apple blossoms. So sweet.

  6. All FUN! I just know I'm going to have some spring pictures soon too...

  7. Ahhhhh planting!! It is so nice to be on this side of winter :)

  8. "...while wearing a crown."

    Good stuff, indeed.

  9. Smiling here, as usual. I can't help but think that it would be nothing less than grand to be Stephanie's neighbor.


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