Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i finally had a little more energy today (this cold has about done me in at times)... and the Daddy was home, so there you go.
surely a recipe for a bit of Lively, anyway.

we started our day with making banana muffins.

there were a couple of things in the interim.

like Drawing.

after we'd sampled a few warm and yummy muffins,
three of us went downstairs to find a few Interesting Things to play with today. (like everyone else, we're on day...whatever... of Rain and Dark.)

each of us had a few things to bring up...

first up was the Young Scientist Series kit, Static Electricity (Maddie's choice).
went through all ten experiments in an hour or thereabouts.

Maddie ran off to play with her Daddy, and Trev and I had a shot at Exago, which he brought up.

we've never really liked the game, as we didn't really understand how it works, but that changed today, and he and i played several games. i imagine it will be a regular, now. (always good to have more Regulars!)

it's one of those Wow, I love these kids!! days. you know the ones.
you laugh like a dozen times at their clever quips.
you smile and hoot at their personalities.
you're thoroughly enchanted and charmed the rest of the time.
you get to feel sooo lucky that you don't have to miss any of it. :)

we all three played a game that Madeleine invented,

played 123 Game (Diego)

Maddie and I played Bingo (I brought that one upstairs, I thought Madd may enjoy it)...

she and I played Mystery Garden,

and then she had a rowdy game of hide-and-seek with her Daddy,
and some rasslin'.

an' then the two of them scooted off to the library.

Trevy and i played first Stixx

and then The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.

Ben 10 et al was gotten out of The Cupboard,

practicing accents -and engineering skills- with Thomas and Friends on the kitchen floor.

and Mama built with Citiblocks.

did you see this coming?

i did!
(Rodan and Gamera!) :)

dinosaur puzzle. rarr.

more art...

and computer play.

brownies are promised for dessert, so i'd better get on that.

i'm quite certain that won't be all for today,
but you know.

'tis certianly good enough.


  1. Oh I envy you and your enjoyment of games. I didn't like them as a kid and, sadly, I still don't enjoy them. I will play Wildcraft with my son, but so far that's all that will capture my interest. But, I've been thinking about Oregon Trail all day! :-)

  2. I am also getting over...something...and just reading about your day exhausts me.

    (But also - and I'm sure I've told you this before - your days make so excited for the time when my littles are big and we can have such fun. Not wishing their babyhood away, of course, but looking forward to interacting with the people they are becoming.) xo

  3. Mmmm...lovely day, especially with banana muffins and brownies! And all those wonderful looking games that I've never heard of. My two are too busy building lego spacebases to play games at the moment, so I shall have to come visit you all to play :-)

    Glad to hear your energy is coming back and you're feeling better. Take it easy.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better, I had that cold a couple of weeks ago - it's a nasty one, zaps all the energy right out of a person for a good week or two or so.

    Love the tower :) and the destruction thereof :)

  5. My Will woke me up FAR too early this morning (as this has become a habit of my girl's, to wake up everyone else in the household by flashing the lights in our two bedrooms, she will be having the adventure of sleeping on the couch tonight), and the account of your day makes me feel so excited...and tired! I'm hoping to piddle my way through our dark and rainy day today, while the girls play computer games and watch the fish. Nap? Perhaps!

  6. Love the Citiblocs skyscraper!

    This flu has done me in as well. I'm just beginning to resume a normal schedule. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon ;)

  7. So much fun! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. How easy are the banana muffins to make.... wouldn't mind doing them with my lad.

  9. Oh how that Godzilla scene brings me back to the days when everything was made in to a city scene ready for destruction. A huge city of canned goods and soda boxes comes to mind.(Rodan and Gamera there, too!)
    Makes me smile to remember...thanks for that :)
    Glad you are on the mend. Hopefully the sun will shine again soon.


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