Friday, May 20, 2011


on my ipod are meditations.
meditations, desert and om music, and spiritual lectures. that's it. :)
(my beloved brother and Thay; Thich Nhat Hanh, Wayne Dyer, Coyote Oldman, singing bowls, Jon Kabat-Zinn... you get the idea.)
one of my favorites is The Art of Mindful Living by brother Thay.
yesterday while reading to the children, i had the thought that they were ready for his breathing and meditation exercises.
so the first thing i did this morning (as the -i tunes- computer was being used when i had the thought yesterday) was put the exercises on a disc for the babes.
there's the breathing exercise, followed by a couple of minutes of Tibetan singing bowls and Japanese temple bowls, then Flower Fresh, Mountain Solid, Water Reflecting, and Space Free--each with singing bowls and temple bowls between them for a small bit of meditation time.
i'm pleased with the composition, i think the babes will enjoy having it.

i had the idea that we could go have breakfast over a book at the doughnut shop this morning, but as usual, by the time we got actually Out, we were needing something more substantial than a little sugary tidbit.
so we opted for breakfast at a little cafe,

and then to the aquarium.

native catfish

moon jellies

giant blue lobster


hands on: sea stars, horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins

red pirana

gentoo penguins!



how a snake perceives body heat

Align Center

(i can hear chimes ringing... :), such a lovely sound... )

so, home.

to moonsand
(both of them)

computer play


and a wee bit of Still

all is well, here.
we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks so much for continuing to share your meditative moments with your kids. So awesome. And so are those moon jellies :-).

  2. ohhhh, moonjellies. this is good timing for me - have been thinking that E is ready for some meditative efforts with me (as I am with her); she loves us doing some yoga together to wake up our brains and bodies - asks for it. i've wondered about guided meditation, visualization...i'll have to look into this for us. thank you!

  3. I love the idea of sharing meditation with the wee ones.

    I'm considering yoga (it's been suggested by my holistic doc) and I'm considering sharing it w/ Benjamin. We'll see. :)

    The final photo is adorable--pure giggling joy!

  4. The aquarium is always so fun. What fun days you give to them. :)


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