Sunday, May 08, 2011


three days that looked like :

celebrating motherhood

buying and planting flowers

making her own garden

planting edible flowers amongst the greens

cleaning out the pond

refilling and rearranging the pond
-complete with fish.
Daisy and Lexington.

hauling sand

hauling bark

hauling soil

making a 'hanging garden' to block the blazing evening sun

gifts from and for Mother

and reclaiming sacred spaces

living space.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Your sacred space is so beautiful. Love the fish and the floating candles. Wishing you joy, peace, refreshment and love this day!!

  2. The pond looks great!

    My girls gave me a birdbath this weekend, I have wanted one for the longest time. Within hours we had feathered friends using it. So happy.

    Happy Mama's Day, you fabulous mama, you! xo

  3. Love the floating candles. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love your peaceful space. I love planting edibles with my flowers also. Nice names for the fish also!

  5. awesome! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  6. I love your garden, I love your floating candles - so peaceful, and I love your outdoor living.
    Can't think of a better way to spend 3 days. :-)

  7. Gorgeous! Everything is so far behind that we just did most of the basic spring stuff this weekend. I'm so sore, but it looks nice. I'm saving mulching for another weekend, after all, it is really just mid-April, right? ;)

    Your garden is looking fantastic.

  8. I love your outdoor space--so private and snug and lovely.

    Floating candles! I've never thought to float candles in our pond. I'll have to file this little tidbit away for when we commence "backyard camping" this summer. :)

    I'm happy to see you spent three beautiful days with those you love best.

  9. Oh, your outdoor space is so lovely! I want to crawl into the computer screen & into one of those wicker chairs... I'm terribly jealous here in my rental house (which I love) with the swampy backyard (which I most certainly do not!)... xo

  10. Thinking of you today I am picturing your adorable little 3-yr-old face surrounded by curls...hard to comprehend that you have adorable children of your own!

    I have received email notices that you have left comments on my posts lately...but blogger has been acting up for me, and they are not showing up on the blog. Didn't want you to think that I was blocking or deleting! I do so love your comments...especially the ones where you come back and leave a second one! :)


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