Monday, May 30, 2011

the brownie

something funny has been going on around here.

i've come to realize our Brownie has been playing.

it took me until yesterday to realize it.
i couldn't figure out why our house wasn't a mess.

i mean... psh!... we had just had two little friends here for three days. (granted, we spent lots of our time elsewhere, but still--we all know that usually never matters.)

and it wasn't me doing the cleaning. it's been days since i dusted or vacuumed. (something that's often done once or twice a day. certainly it needs it once or twice a day.)

the weatherman says that we have one more day of cold and rain.
just one more!!

so last night while the Three were playing wiiheehee games, i started on the rumpus room.
(it's best to be in the basement when it's raining outside. verra difficult to do when the sunshine and birds are calling.)


there! all super clean and shiny. isn't that nice?

and the rest? oh, yes. i'll add my magic, as well.

okay, Summer. we're ready for you, now.
(and thanks so much, Brownie Friend. honey and cream coming your way post haste.)


  1. Gasp! It's so beautiful! Oh what I wouldn't do for a Brownie Friend! :-)

  2. Hmm... I wonder how I can attract a brownie... chocolate perhaps? yeeesssss... I think so...

    It's all so lovely. Your brownie certainly knows how to make a home sparkle.

  3. Wonderful... i really need to get to that before we leave town.

  4. Oh my! Can you send some of that magic down here please.

  5. I have been trying for weeks to put my house back together after this past year of crazy last minute travels only to come home, half unpack and pack up again. I am down to almost no dirty dishes and the laundry is mostly clean as well. Now if I could just find homes for all the stuff on the floor so I could get a good scrubbing in... Might have to try harder cause your house looks great and I can feel the sense of calm through my computer- I want that here :)

  6. So perfect to have the weather that encourages one to sort out the nest :)

    I've passed on one of those passing on type awards at my blog to you - not sure if you participate in them but if not just wanted you to know how much I love reading about the magic at your place. TC

  7. What a beautiful home you have. :)


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